Realme is working on its own OS

13 August 2019
Or early next year. Breaking away from Color OS will allow Realme to deliver the features that its fans have been asking for.

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  • Anonymous

"OS" lmao it's just an android skin

How about Android one with added features

Correct the title. It should be "Realme is working on its own Android skin, coming by the end of the year".

  • Kurdistan

it will be much better
if they just use Oxygen OS from Onepluse

  • ئ&#157

let's see what they have

  • Sean

Hopefully it's something like Oxygen OS

This just sounds funny for some reason...

why don't they just use oxygen os? LOL....

What would they name it with? Real OS? Dare OS? Leap OS?

Why would they call it their own OS?. Calling a android OS skin as their own OS is so cheap...

  • ye_ma

So, when you say "working on its own OS", you mean "working on its own skin of Android".

Well soon everybody will have its own OS.
Google can go nuts.

A very bad move if he doesn't make another near stock experience with added benefit only features

  • Nick

Why the hell they call it "OS" when it's just a UI change?

please make something like oxygen os. or cyanogen mod os. don't make another color os or miui like heavy skin. please.

  • Diamon

Nice, im tired using this fucker colour os, because its bugged, feels slow, glitch, and not smooth, very bad experince, stock android with added features is perfect

  • Anonymous

So, they're not working on their own OS, but a new skin?

  • Anonymous

I hope its very close to stock android in its appearance

I hate ColorOS trash and MIUI