LG G8 ThinQ drops to $499.99 unlocked

13 August 2019
You save a whopping $350 if you don't mind buying the Amazon Exclusive version.

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Agnis, 15 Aug 2019What on earth did LG think when they decided to not deliver this... moreTry importing

  • Agnis

What on earth did LG think when they decided to not deliver this amazing phone to Europe? I'm still stuck with an old P9 as there is no other compact (up to 72mm wide) flagship spec phone with 3.5mm jack and without any camera bump (yes, that is important!)

Too expensive with LG bloatware preinstalled and no support for updates.
Thanks no.
For up to 199 dollars good price othervise even a Huawei Y7 2019 is a lot better devuice.

Doom, 14 Aug 2019I don't know if LG G6 has improved or not, but from the comments... moreI don't think you comprehended what I wrote.

I actually own the LG G6, I don't really recommend it, but I needed a replacement phone and I managed to get that for 60% off back in 2017 so it was good value. The initial "LG UI" Operating System was okay, it did lag a bit, and was similar to the OS of the S7/S8. It was later updated to "ThinQ" OS, and it was much better, think of "Samsung One" you find on the S10 variants. I know this update was rolled out to G6/V30/G7 and came stock on V40/G8/V50 iirc.

The front and rear glass panels getting tucked underneath the Metal Subframe. The backplate of Samsung and Huawei devices used to be thin, unlike LG, and now the latest Samsung and Huawei phones have a thicker backplate. Other details include moving components from the top-side of the logic board towards the side, which allows you're battery to grow taller. Granted, I think Apple beat LG and Sony to the punch here, but the likes of Samsung and Huawei started doing this later. So the gist is, LG is an innovator within the smartphone industry.... but it's so often overlooked.

The "fake updates" are just that. You get a notification and feel good, and it downloads a 70MB file, and makes you think you're getting good treatment by the OEM. But all it does is increase the "Last Updated" tab, and occasionally a lie in the changelogs. People actually capture OTA files, and host them on firmware sites on the internet. Usually this is great to flash your phone from one country/carrier variant to another. But it's also good to do some investigating and see what is in the OTAs. And surprise surprise, most of the updates are empty code: they don't actually change anything. It's a genius plan, and its adopted only by Chinese OEMs, which makes them look good. But I guess its better than a Pixel update which comes and causes more bugs on your phone.

I've already address the update cycle for LG. It's not good. And I will not defend them.
But we should be supportive of them, because they truly are innovators, and can easily become pro-consumer. They didn't lie about Software Update, because I don't recall them giving a promise to consumers (besides the Nexus 4, 5, 5X, Pixel XL, Pixel 2XL). They didn't lie about the LG G5, it was a metal-unibody phone it just had a tasteless plastic coating, and the modules was open to partnership like the Moto Mods... but never happened. The LG G4-V10-G5-V20 bootloop issues were both a Hardware Defect and a Software Issue. I won't defend them there, but will note this issue is resolved on the G6 and up.

Am I a fan of LG? Yep, they have been an innovator in the industry and have been fairly consumer-friendly overall. But I'm not a fanboy, I do not blindly follow them. I have skipped over so many of their great devices, simply because, there were better alternatives. I hope everyone shops around in that fashion: make the OEMs earn your dollars. I see Oppo experimenting with Fast Charging and Moving Cameras, and Huawei experimenting with Punch-holes, Low-Light Photography, and Optical Zoom. These are good, I want them to compete. But I wouldn't call them as innovative as LG, let alone more. The ones that are at the forefront is Google (software-only), followed by Samsung, LG, and Sony.... these guys actually make the other components like the Screen, Camera, Processor, Storage, Speaker modules. There are many OEMs that only assemble the parts together after sourcing them from other companies (eg HTC).

If you think I'm an "LG Superfan" or that I don't explore devices/outside my comfort zone.... well, I would invite you to have a look at a list of my favourite devices:

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Doom, 14 Aug 2019I don't know if LG G6 has improved or not, but from the comments... moreI switched from samsung flagship to Lg g7 this spring. And phone is super fast and cool. And i m happy. Battery life is not very good

  • Anonymous

someone, 14 Aug 2019Worst analysis of the year !!! .. lolAny other counterpoint aside from a generci reply?

He was right on the bootloader and fixed battery.

  • someone

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019This is a great phone. But I wouldn't recommend it for two reas... moreWorst analysis of the year !!! .. lol

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Same goes for the LG white knights covering those crap up.

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019That's just plain wrong. LG's devices from the G6 to the V50 ha... moreI don't know if LG G6 has improved or not, but from the comments I gathered in the forum, not much. The G6 lags like crazy as well. I didn't bother checking the other phones, may lag or may not.

As for 'a lot of engineering elements in G6 being copied', care to provide a reliable report? The smartphone industry copy each other a lot of times, you're making a big one way assertion here.

Also, you mentioned Chinese manufacturers posting fake update? You gotta read up more on that buddy. Aosmark is a start. Just do a Google search on who updated their phones with Pie first. It sure isn't LG.

Also, hoping for LG to turn around and be pro-consumer is a pipe dream. They lied about Software Update before, about G5's modular design before, about how G4 didn't have a boot loop problem, about so many things. You think they will just going to change their ways overnight?

Seriously, you do sound quite a bit like a fanboy, at least that's my first impression. Huawei and Oppo has long surpassed LG in innovation and phone quality. You just gotta look outside of your comfort zone.

  • cyber

outside us there is no such a deal

  • Love the Community

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019This is a great phone. But I wouldn't recommend it for two reas... moreAsus Zenfone 6 has poor quality display? OmegaLUL what makes you say that?

This phone is a pleasure to use. Very very fast both in terms of Android software and most importantly LTE and WiFi speed. Weight and dimensions are also perfect for a smartphone. I have an iPad pro if I need a big screen to consume or create data. Good job LG!

  • Facts

The only company in the world which drops prices but not software updates.

Doom, 14 Aug 2019For this price? I'd rather get a Mate 20 X. Just $100 more. Or j... more$100 more can make some difference between buying and not buying. I'd definitely get the Mate 20 X but it's well beyond my budget. Mate 20?? Ehhhhh.....Honor V20 is a bit better. I've never used Mate 20 but I think the display is the the worst in current gen flagships due to it being faux-FHD and having a low pixel density. What those two phones don't have is the slightly superior SoC, quad DAC, QHD OLED, microSD card support. LG G8 is also quite compact, comparable to S10. I don't know who's software is better so that's up to you to judge but when it comes to updates, Huawei definitely has the upper hand.

  • Anonymous

You save a minimum of $499.99 and up if you do not buy this POS that has a super duper glued battery.

  • Anonymous

500 USD for LG phone? You can get Xiaomi Mi 9 with Snapdragon 855 and more powerful specs. Don't complain about ads. There are no ads in global version.

Doom, 14 Aug 2019There no longer are phones with removable battery at the flagshi... moreThat's just plain wrong.
LG's devices from the G6 to the V50 have been solid since launch. I'll reiterate, they do not have the same issues that plagued the G4 to the V20. A lot of the engineering elements LG introduced in the G6 have been adopted later by Huawei and Samsung, just open up the logic board and inspect it yourself.

My gripes with them is their pricing and long-term support. Their "ThinQ" software is good, plenty of features and very stable. It just does not get Security Updates monthly (maybe four times a year?) or Platform Updates (maybe once in 2 years?). I guess this is better than pushing "fake updates" something that's very common in Xiaomi, Vivo, and Huawei phones.

I've said it in another thread, but if LG takes a pro-consumer stance, they can really make the other OEMs suffer. Just need to reduce their launch prices slightly, do an excellent Guerrilla Marketing, Have available stock, and ensure a long-term and Developer Friendly stance. They would decimate them. Think of how OnePlus resurgence occurred, to dominate in this industry, against the likes of Sony, HTC, Motorola, ZTE and Nokia.

Kangal, 14 Aug 2019This is a great phone. But I wouldn't recommend it for two reas... moreThere no longer are phones with removable battery at the flagship level. It is unfortunate, but that's reality. LG phones are unfinished products. They launched half cooked phones and expect people to pay top price for it. Support sucks, minimal updates and terrible QC. Better go for Samsung or Huawei if you're into big names, or even Oppo / Oneplus.

DrakeX, 14 Aug 2019As always, LG always drop their phone prices so heavily even in ... moreFor this price? I'd rather get a Mate 20 X. Just $100 more. Or just go for a Mate 20. At least I will have regular updates and not just buy a piece of hardware that isn't supported beyond the confines of the retail store

  • Anonymous

I can't believe this is a FLAGSHIP Phone for a price of midrange phones. Best buy, best deal !