HTC Wildfire X announced with Helio P22 and triple rear camera

14 August 2019
It flaunts a 6.2" HD+ notched display and packs a 3,300 mAh battery.

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This is INSANELY generic for HTC's caliber. Like, come on. Afaik Desire 12 was one of the first phones with the (imho) pretty decent budget MT6739 SoC while Desire 12+ with its Snap 450 caused no questions at all, so they could be spared the ultimate judgement :P (if they sold better, that is...) I'm also OK with P22 being the new 625 (well, more like the new 430 judging by the fierce competition at a similar price) but this is too bland. Same notch, same design language, nothing to separate this from say an Umidigi or a Vernee (I lost track of those 3rd grade mfrs, got to admit :D so pardon some mistakes pls). But at least the Indian price is fine :) maybe that's what they were going to pursue

Small Battery and higher pricing killed original HTC. Now this guys are doing same. Anything below 4000mah will fail

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Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019Looks like die-hard fans will not get disappointed. As some... moreYou aware that HTC is Chinese company right ? And this phone is made by other company and use HTC brand .

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Nice. I will buy it to support HTC ,

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AnonD-819322, 14 Aug 2019HTC really has no part in this. Like Nokia-branded Lumia ph... moreLumia is fully Nokia . Stop blaming Nokia failure on Microsoft . Selling brick thick phone and announce N900 won't receive any update before launch and launch with obsolete os wasnt Microsoft fault .

Actually HTC has licenced their brand in India to a local smartphone maker called Lava. So it's an HTC model branded by Lava.

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...I wasn't aware that HTC still making their phones... huh!

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Adul Al Salami Kebab, 14 Aug 2019The A53 cores are not the newest but its made on TSMCs 12nm... moreThen you contradict yourself when you talk that they should have used a better SoC, a bigger battery..., so you are relating issues you see. The reference is always against who or what you are competing. And this is a low mid-range phone with cheap components at most from an unkown chinese brand, a fake HTC. Not sure if even worth make a review to show all the flaws and lacks it'll show against its competitors.

Probably HTC not wrote a single line of code of Android in this phone and sure that not the camera algorithms and process. The drivers must be the generic from the chinese unknown providers. As even they have avoid to name the manufacturer of the camera sensors.

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At that price, the processor would've easily been a Helio P60.

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I think HTC haven't yet learned the market.They are too late to catch up always. Might work out if they are selling at Rs 8000 & Rs 12000 respectively.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

abeer786, 14 Aug 2019ROFL...Helio P22 really? Looks like HTC is still more than ... moreThe A53 cores are not the newest but its made on TSMCs 12nm which is better than 10nm made by Samsung which often is used by Qualcomm chips... They really should make a P33 chip with A55 cores soon I agree but its not that bad... x-x

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

I see no issue with this device, tough wish the battery was a 4000mAh one tough...

  • Sam

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019HTC finally giving a justified price to the end user. The r... moreSelling crap phones from third party will not solve it as you can watch and read in the comments. This is not want fans and customers want from them. This is a crap phone from another brand under the HTC brand. We are not idiots to fool with this cheap trick.

A crap phone that can't compete with anything. The photos from that shit could be even EPIC due to how bad it'll be. The worse ones in the HTC history for sure... Despite the poor performace for its price. That can't compete with nothing at that price and less in India where Xiaomi reigns in that range of prices with a lot superior phones like the Redmi Note 7 Pro. Even Realme is a lot superior.

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Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019biggest mistake making a wildfire phone 6,2" ... companies ... moreThese days screen size has increased but phone size has remained the same. Stop complaining.

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HTC finally giving a justified price to the end user. The reason why they had poor sales & were incurring big losses was because their phones were overpriced.

  • AnonD-819322

HTC really has no part in this. Like Nokia-branded Lumia phones made my Microsoft. The HTC is made by InOne Technologies, the same company manufacturing Lava phones.

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Back then the wildfire was quite average not to say mediocre, but this one manage to be even worse than the original model.....

At least the indians can relax, they already have plenty of better choices, realme, xiaomi etc etc....

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ThunderCrackR, 14 Aug 2019Will it come with Sense?NO, of course. This is completely done and designed by a third party. They are licencening their brand (HTC) to crap ones like this China-based company called InOne Smart Technology, which licensed the brand for the Indian market.

There is and old article from March about it and probable licenses for Micromax, Lava and Karbonn too and its crap phones. So the beginning of the end is starting:

And seeing how ugly the new Nokia 7.2 is, I'm already beginning to suspect the worst from HMD too.

ROFL...Helio P22 really? Looks like HTC is still more than an year behind the competition

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