Apple responds to iPhone battery replacement controversy

14 August 2019
The company says it takes your safety very seriously and wants to make sure any battery swap is done properly.

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  • Ray

Bruh moment, 15 Aug 2019"across the US" And what if I live in a smaller contry? ... moreIn that case they ask you to send your phone by mail, by transport. They charge you for it, I do not know the procedure, but for the amount of the shipping $6.95, I doubt that the phone is insured in case of theft. Here we have to pay an extra insurance when we send things to be safe against it. We should ask someone whose iPhone was stolen during transport to the technical service of Apple or back... and what happened next. Does Apple assume the cost of losses and send you a new iPhone? Or they tell you to call the police and manage it yourself because they didn't lost it and it's not their matter...

Its not the same that if you lose a cheap battery of $15-$25 in the delivery to your home that if you lose a $1000 iPhone...

  • Bruh moment

"across the US"

And what if I live in a smaller contry? Should I drive hundreds of kilometers just to replace my battery?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019Want to use Iphone dont complain .Want to use a gadget that is not made by a company that copies Apple's every anti repair move.

Why should we not complain?

What is to say...
Their greed is limitless, and "decency" is not in their vocabulary.
Yet another good reason not to buy an aPple product....

  • Lokesh Karunakaran R

Think of it this way. They are protecting you from Apple Authorised Service Centres too. What if the service centre gives you a non-genuine battery?

  • Ray

geekacontra, 15 Aug 2019you know, I know, a lot of people know how to do it but the... moreFor me zero problems with those "dangerous" batteries... My phones thanks to that run in full power without manage with the famous throttle from Apple and notifications. It's done in less than an hour so ohhh i'm going to lose an hour every two years per phone i own!!! What tragedy! How much time!!!

And even better, researching a bit before the first time and how to replace the batteries was funny and i learned several new things in the process.

This is like in the middle ages. They want to scare you and prevent you from acquiring knowledge for their own benefit/profit. Not counting the abusive prices they charge.

  • Anonymous

aknsreddy, 15 Aug 2019Yes whole world knows it and embraces it as it is. Apple is... moreWho is "we" here?

Ray, 15 Aug 2019All the batteries can be replaced cheaply with an original ... moreyou know, I know, a lot of people know how to do it but the 99% majority does not know, does not have the time to play with batteries (my case: my time is by far more precious...) or does not care. and, besides the 10 bucks tool you have to buy the glue, the gaskets and the battery itself, which battery, most likely produced in some obscure facility, may last... or not and will need to be re-replaced.... all in all, some people will get it right but most not really....

don't worry, major manufacturers, apple included, studied and analysed all these in detail...

Phone Addicted, 15 Aug 2019Perfect! At least, apple is doing this to protect their ... moreYeah, keep telling yourself that.

NoM, 15 Aug 2019Apple just wants your money, they do not give a f..k about ... moreYes whole world knows it and embraces it as it is. Apple is greedy yes we are proud of it. Go buy a cheap android phone.

ProJames-CHM, 15 Aug 2019The biggest BS is that since a microcontroller whose only p... moreWho has the skills can easily move the original controller to the new cell and boom! authorized new battery. That is, in case all health info isn't stored on that narrow battery controller.

  • Ray

geekacontra, 15 Aug 2019damned greedy apple... they do not aloud me save tons of mo... moreAll the batteries can be replaced cheaply with an original or equivalent ones if you know how to do it and have the necessary tools, and the seals depending of each case if you want to re-seal the phone against the water. The tools cost less than $10 and you have them forever and the seals are equally cheap and you don't need to replace the battery more than once or two times in the phone's life. I did it in several phones without any problem.

The only extreme case was the LG G8 with a glued battery and with some trick can be done although i don't like how LG glued it too much. Need to be mentioned that no other LG phone that i've opened or seen its battery replaced had the same problem.

Apple only try to scare people in its own profit. Or perhaps, the Apple batteries are grenades... who knows...

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019isnt it just dont show the information about battery health... moreThe problem kommes when you want to sell the phone i think. Nothing else

Apple just wants your money, they do not give a f..k about costumer needs, only type-c situation shows how money loving they are.

  • Kubikuz

Why always said US has xxxxxx authorized service center, u sold your product worldwide Apple, don't just mention US

damned greedy apple... they do not aloud me save tons of money by replacing my battery where ever I want with what ever I want, unlike the others that aloud me to replace the whole phone at the price of a new phone because I cannot replace the battery at all...

  • Carol

A lot of lies surrounding this company, i wander, do people still believe this kindergarten explanations? I mean, really now... can there be anymore obvious that apple does not want their devices to be repaired? They want money, a lot of money for this job to be done, and for sure they won't let more competent technicians to take those money by seling services at a way lesser price then apple. Well at least trump and his "we don't care about the enviroment" ignorance and mediocracy in all it's glory, serves them well.

Zoser, 15 Aug 2019Of course, and if you look at their obscene repair prices i... moreExactly. Their hardware sales is on the decline, they're being trounced by other brands when it comes to phones and laptops. The only way they can maintain profit margins and income is by diversifying into services. That's where locking down their devices and forcing their users to come to them for services like repairs come in

PeterThePanda, 15 Aug 2019All a bunch of lies. It's not about safety but it's really ... moreOf course, and if you look at their obscene repair prices i put some post below... It's absolutely clear that they are intended and designed for a hyper high profit but, at the same time, for encourage you to pay their AppleCare, or even better for them, their AppleCare+ and charge you another fee monthly or yearly, you choose...

How much do you think this will drive down re-sale value.