Weekly poll results: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ better liked than the small Note10

18 August 2019
Samsung's best Notes ever have to work harder to get the fans to commit.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019Note 9 is betterYep, the Note 9 its a better phone.

I'd rather get the iphone XR

  • Anonymous

It's a note 😐

Note 10 doesn't exist to me due to lack of 3.5mm jack, hence I'm not voting.

I'm however considering S10 non plus, after a few years or so.

  • Penguin

If I understand the situation correctly, GSMArena was (not so) smart enough to ask the questions in a way that we can easily find out what percentage of people would opt for the Note or the Note10+. These should have been asked in one poll question, not two.

OK. In other news, maybe I'm the only person here who never had a Note phone before (I've found them just way to big) but found the small Note10 absolutely dope in person? It's just the perfect size, and screen to body ratio to me. I'm not sure yet if I need the pen feature, but 8 GB RAM/256 GB storage is plenty for me. In two years, when I may eventually buy it depending on whether it is going to have adequate community ROM support. It's simply not worth buying a Samsung phone day one when you can get the last year's flagship for literally half the price. Here in Europe, brand new. Oh. And what's wrong with the 1080p screen? As I understand correctly you use the 1440p screens in 1080p mode anyway if you want an adequate battery life. This is especially true for Samsung phones as far as I know.

  • Anonymous

S Yu, 18 Aug 2019These are not the best Notes, simply the latest, but the small o... moreNote 9 is better

These are not the best Notes, simply the latest, but the small one probably made the record "highest number of features removed in a single generation”!

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 18 Aug 2019The title is quite misleading. It should instead read "Samsung ... moreI hope it turns into a Galaxy S6 moment where they put back the microsd on its successor.

Funny how its predecessor was used to mock Apple users who are always tethered to a wall with their sealed battery phones.

Then we got the S6. With no microsd slot as a bonus.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 18 Aug 2019The only prominent difference between Note 10+ & the phones ... more> Get over it.

What a dumb normie argument.

Fools like you have destroyed enthusiast segment and reduced to fashionista one.

The removal was for a measly 100maH battery capacity. A bluetooth would consume more than that, making the expansion insignificant.

Kangal, 18 Aug 2019The title is quite misleading. It should instead read "Samsung ... moreThe only prominent difference between Note 10+ & the phones you've mentioned is that the Note doesn't have a headphone jack.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but a "power user" doesn't equal to "headphone jack fanatic". The jack is dead, get over it.

Non-plus note 10 with pentile fhd screen shouldn't exist.

  • Anonymous

Hardly comes as a surprise.
Samsung used the note line to mock competition, then blatantly did what it used to mock.

Never thought that the Note would just become a phone with a pen. It used to be much more than that.

From these polls the demand for the Samsung note 9 will increase. The note 9 is the way to go.

The title is quite misleading.
It should instead read "Samsung Galaxy Note 10 variants hated by voters".

Based on the results:
- people don't need/want a 5G device yet.
- almost nobody is pre-ordering.
- few people prefer the Note10+ over the Note10.
- some people are waiting for a Note10+ to drop in price.
- majority of people are looking at competing phones!!

I suspect the "power users" are now contemplating on getting either a Samsung Note9, Samsung S10+, LG V50, ASUS RoG Phone 2. I hope this does lead to a negative image and reduced revenue for Samsung, as well as other companies, so maybe they will return to healthy competition, being consumer-friendly, and adding in features people want to use. We don't want companies to "rip-off" customers at every turn, just like it's happening in Video Games with Privacy concerns, In-App Purchases, Pay-to-Win, and Lootbox/Gambling Mechanics.

  • PiT

Smaller Galaxy Notes aren't welcome

Not surprised at all. In my country Note 10 is only 100 bucks cheaper than Galaxy S10+ with the same RAM + storage configuration even though it has lost a headphone jack, a MicroSD card slot, the QHD resolution display, the 4100mAh battery, the front facing ToF sensor and the heart rate sensor in favor of S-Pen and the slightly upgraded SoC. If anyone is looking for a proper flagship from Samsung with very few compromises, clearly Note 10+ is the way to go.

ProJames-CHM, 18 Aug 2019Also given that this is half 5G! I'll keep saying it until true,... moreReal 5G's devices/infrastructure won't hit the US market (perhaps all markets) until Apple iPhone's 5G hit in late 2020/21.

[deleted post]If there was a phone which won over 50% of the market, whoever manufactured it would become absolute dominant force on the market.

It even fared better than the Note9 on this pool...

  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 18 Aug 2019Also given that this is half 5G! I'll keep saying it until true,... moreWell said

Also given that this is half 5G! I'll keep saying it until true, SA 5G is available. Those who buy 5G devices now will be burned later...

The full standard isn't going official until later this year, remember. You're only buying half 5G and thus not "future-proof" as some might think.

Oh and those two Notes are disappointing due to the compromises they make for no reason. Notes were supposed to be the ultimate powerhouse device with everything in and out. This is this quite the opposite.