Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo join hands to create cross-brand file transfer service

19 August 2019
Based on Bluetooth, it would reach 20 MB/s speeds.

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No matter BT is a slow way for transferring files and we even can use different apps for doing it, its so damn nice.

Its so damn nice because, this is a cooperation of different brands, it could be big if, more brand will come and then i could see they could cooperate of many other things, maybe even a new OS.

All the Chinese should be united because they cant trust US in anything at all, we see the Huawei ban, if US have a opinion of something and they cant agree, it can happen again and for other brands... Say goodbye to Google.

A good move Xiaomi..all the android manufactures should join..

  • Anonymous

Or you also can use ShareIt?

Xiaomi, 19 Aug 2019Transfering using Bluetooth won't be that fastYeah .......

  • Xiaomi

Transfering using Bluetooth won't be that fast

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2019Any phone can bluetooth eachother anyways, no point in this.Bluetooth is slow

Proper teamwork to push out apple

  • Anonymous

Any phone can bluetooth eachother anyways, no point in this.

Now, make OS! Show Google that we are NOT depent on them!

  • Arun

Why bluetooth!? Why not Wifi-direct, or something similar to the Google Files Go style transfer, they're way faster, this just seems absurd.