vivo NEX 3 live image shows waterfall screen

20 August 2019
The bezels look bigger than competing flagships but it could be a software trick or a protective case.

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  • Anonymous

waterfall screen, best advertising gimmick I've ever heard.. renaming curved screen to waterfall screen and will make users more awkward to hold the phone.. what next we will hear after raindrop notch, waterfall screen.. maybe wavy river screen? stalactites notch? ocean screen? (bezelless screen like ocean), seaside screen? lol

"the side bezels are relatively thick"
Are those really bezels? That is the other half of the phone, of course it is black..

[deleted post]Brightness shift is not better either. All what I dislike in a curved screen showed in one photo, they did good xD
Well, not all, the weirdest thing with curved thing is just when gaming/watching a video and the content wrap around the phone, so is completeyl distorted.

So I guess this is " new trend " now , everyone is make BS curved screens but it makes sense if you think about it a bit, it's a way of asking more money out of consumers. Curved screens are the most useless thing ever invented. I wish my Samsung S9+ would have been a flat.

  • Anonymous

The Note Edge had the most extreme slope that the Edge itself was able to function as a secondary screen.

Dude , 20 Aug 2019Nothing special. The S6 edge had a more extreme slope.Wrong,The S6 edge did not have extreme slope like the NEX 3 or even the oneplus 7 pro.
The edge slopes on the S6 edge were small,

I owned a S6 edge and i remember i was disappointed of the small edge slops... So pls know what your talking about before posting your nonsense.

  • Anonymous

Why is it very bright on the edges?

Wow that color distortion on the edges is ugly.

  • Dude

Nothing special. The S6 edge had a more extreme slope.

S7 Edge?