Samsung shows quad-core Exynos chipset

24 February, 2012
It packs four Cortex-A9 cores built using a 32nm process for better performance and lower power usage.

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  • guess again

Samsung is known for its unprediciment and hear this galaxy tab 2 will have this chipset samsung again will stop production and push nvidia tegra 3 chipsets into them. Just so they can use the savings in producing these soc invested in creating yet another a9 is not planning on leaving the market as quickly as all is hoping. Numbers over power. Its not about the power of a single core but the overwelming force of multiple ones. We had not seen even half the potential of the a9 and yet the public wants to shove it out of the market

  • Steven

Anon, 24 Feb 2012This is just the start. It's also rumoured that Samsung is launc... moreUnless Apple beats them to it... rumors have been going around for over a year now that the next iPhone will at least have a thinner bezel.

  • deus

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2012I really cant wait for this s3 quad core 4xa15 clocked at 2.0 mh... more i love how u have absolutly no idea how pcu processors work :D

  • Anonymous

I really cant wait for this s3 quad core 4xa15 clocked at 2.0 mhz
cpu holy christ and let alone once rooted holy shit 2.5 thats
the speed allmost ov the intel i5 with mali gpu who cares about
batterys just by an extra one u tramps complaining get a life
its all about power to run android this is what u require welcome
aboard to full os system multitasking just like windows and with
2gb ram what more could u ask u wont need a pc or a labtop or a camera
its all in one power house phones like these will rule

  • Steven

NeMo, 24 Feb 2012I'd like join biger battery fun club. why we need powerful devic... more+1 for the bigger battery club... although a half a day of battery isn't bad if it's replaceable... all you need is a second battery and remember to charge them at the end of everyday... although with the increasing number of unibody designs removable batteries seem almost a thing of the past so ya bigger batteries... I also just heard about this fabric that will charge your phone... so that's another thing and it's going for 1 dollar.

  • Steven

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2012Instead of introducing more powerful CPUs and GPUs, why not impr... moreThe reason why the five high-end Droid makes (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and Motorola) don't focus on the battery is because they focus on what I call brag specs (or more MPs, faster processors, thinner designs, and bigger screens) and only bump up the other specs to not scare away customers... when a company makes a quality phone they make sure the phone fits the OS and the specs work together... out of the five, the order of who makes better quality Droids is Sony, Samsung, Motorola (despite the Droid Razr Max because it has great quality), LG, and HTC.

  • Steven

AnonD-14018, 24 Feb 2012No phone or tablet or pc will ever have software fully optimized... morecompanies make both the Hardware and the Software come really close though

  • toss

wow 32nm quad exynos and lpddr3 memory,this would handle easily W8,or combined with Sammy's well builded smooth software it could make android fly.

  • digitalrurouni

Didn't Anandtech just review the new S4 from Qualcomm I think it was and it was A15 based? Seems like it will be laying the smackdown on Samsung's offering isn't it?

  • mosaka

One thing I noticed in my HTC desire is that almost 70% of the battery is consumed by the display, not the processor. I understand that it's LCD not OLED (which is more efficient) but still makes me skeptical about this chipset power savings translating into overall game changing power savings. I think we need bigger batteries period, if Motorola can do it in less than 9 mm why don't other manufacturers follow suite? I love SGS2 and eagerly waiting the S3 but I would have bought the Razr MAXX if it had a GSM version

nolimit, 24 Feb 2012then u dont worry, tablets will get 5250 (although without littl... more5250 is dual core afair, not quad core

  • AnonD-2349

nolimit, 24 Feb 2012then u dont worry, tablets will get 5250 (although without littl... morewell ill like to add one thing, arm cortex a-7 is no way weak, it can take on any 2011 dual core processors head on and even defeat them as it has 5x performance than the cortex a-8 version while still giving 60 % more battery

just having two cortex a-7 ie equal to more powerful cpu than s2 ( still the strongest android phones in dual core ) and yet show 2 times the battery result if given with same battery , thats the beauty of a-7 cores. so hardly any worry for a-15 to come in force.
also the s3 is roumered with 2200mah( +- 100 )which should be able to sustain enough time with only a-15 cores as the s2 i.e. 5-6 hrs of heavy usage but thus time we will have the a7 to the rescue

  • nolimit

regs, 24 Feb 2012smartphones do not need 4 cores a9. i more care about tablets. t... morethen u dont worry, tablets will get 5250 (although without little big tech since a7 isnt ready) cause they have big enough battery to support them.
Although i do blame ARM for going after the server infrastructure in A15 thas why its so power hungry, and by no means be usable in quad configurations unless produced on like 16nm.
In reply to DSN, sure cortex a7 with cortex a15 may sound like a big win but at the end it be, just like u said, an a7 slower chip running all the time during the everyday tasks, and the a15 killing the battery in few hours every time u play a game record or watch a video. The phone battery will be highly determined by the stuff u do, and its ability to quickly switch between those cores, so i dont see that any easier to implement then the use of all 4 cortex a9s. Sure apps will not make use of 4 cores but how many apps use 2 cores effectively either? ICS by itself is good at multithreading and that is all that matters. And as time goes on Nvidia with its tegra 3 will push apps to take advantage of all 4 cores.
I'll say Samsung did the right thing here focusing on maximum battery life and then performance, and not the other way around.

  • Lauryboy

I guess we now know which chipset is going to power the SGS 3!!! I can't wait...

  • Anon

This is just the start. It's also rumoured that Samsung is launching a bezel-less phone.­on-a-galaxy-b-phone-without-a-bezel

This could be a game changer!

  • lennard

all of today's goodness in mobile technology is nothing if they did not provide the consumer with gadgets that will use hybrid power-plant like kinetic and solar at the same time...

no more charging time...

Better is to wait for the HTC One S release, with the Snapdragon S4, the MSM8960, which has near the same performance that the Cortex A15 in the same frequency.

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2012Everyone, Cortex A15 is dead and disgarded!!! cause it uses too ... moresmartphones do not need 4 cores a9. i more care about tablets. that's why it's disappointment

  • Anonymous

Everyone, Cortex A15 is dead and disgarded!!! cause it uses too much power for smartphone a9 all the way!!

  • AnonD-2349

DSN, 24 Feb 2012Well 2 cortex a-15 @ 2ghz are more powerfull than 4 a-9 @ 1.5 gh... morei would also like to add that in this big LITTLE configuration, most of the time, only cortex A-7 are activated i.e. they will give about same the performance as the s2 cpu ( about 70% to 80% )but they will still save more than 50% more battery life than that so for those who only want a dual core and not a quad core, this can be a perfect choice for you as until and unless a software that requires the use of quad core is made, there will be a very little use of these monster A-15 cores, but if ever you need more powerful cpu, A-15 will lead the way...:)
and it will still save more battery than what the dual cores can achieve...:)

Infact with this configuration add a 2500mah battery, it might even show equal battery life or just a bit less than the droid razr MAXX because of these beautiful A-7 cores..( remember when i said the best of both worlds with battery and performance...:)in my previous comment )

Man the more i write about it the more i love and the less i can wait to see such phone in my hand...:)

link to samsung saying they will use this configuration­ig-little-cortex-a7-cortex-a15-28929/

link for arms a-15 specs on arms website­cortex-a15.php

and the specs for arm Cortex A-7­cortex-a7.php