Samsung shows quad-core Exynos chipset

24 February, 2012
It packs four Cortex-A9 cores built using a 32nm process for better performance and lower power usage.

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  • Mohamed

Samsung made solid chip,Good Year for Samsung good luck.

  • AnonD-13148

Don't tell quad-core processors always use more beastly power. :)

  • AnonD-14018

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2012Right. After my dissapointing experience with the SGSII (due to ... morelol whats wrong with the sgsII performance? :O its still the best and competes with the tegra 3.

Benchmarks are useless , they dont prove anything in day to day usage.

  • Anonymous

texas instruments omap 5 is much much better than exynos
5250 and even Exynos 4412 as OMAP5 uses 28nm lithography and beats quadcore easily.this is a should have 28nm lithography and 4 cortex-a15 cores.obviously 28nm saves more battery than 32nm.32nm is a common lithography.exynos is still behind OMAP5.TI MAKES BEST PROCESSORS.

  • DGAF

Nice chip guys. Looks good. Well done

  • AnonD-19114

Is this the first component of Galaxy S 3 to be touted out in the open ??

  • AnonD-2349

NOOOO!!!! i dont want this
i want some nice a15 coupled with juicy a7 cores with a t604 gpu atleast...
u can use it for galaxy r2 or what ever you call it but not the s3

  • Anonymous

Right. After my dissapointing experience with the SGSII (due to the hype of it's spec sheet), I'll take the power of this one with a pinch of salt.

  • blueglue

What about the touted mali 604? When will we get the A15?

hopefully GS3 uses this chip (quad-core a9) with Mali 604, isnt that why GS3 is delayed.

  • blueglue

[deleted post]pls read the article completely. its well explained.

  • blueglue

Great work, exynos dual core has an advantage among its cometitors . hopefully that shall continue with quad-core too.

usage of 32nm should bring more effective power usage.

What GPU shall be mated with this chip?

  • AnonD-21645

It's interesting because, a lot of people don't see the point of quad-core, because they see it is purely as 'raw power' and processing speed, etc.

But from this, any tech that can improve battery life / consumption HAS to be a bonus, the fact that it'll give a bump in speed - is nice extra!

I suspect this is the kind of thing we'll see in HTC and Moto (and LG) - quad cores claiming better battery as opposed to just touting super-fast processing...

  • pranjal87

So it has begun. Advent of Galaxy S 3.

  • Daxi

This will be a beast out of processor :)

  • AnonD-27136

It will be good if this chip-set decreases price of tablets and smartphone

  • AnonD-40685

samsung can really make things ;)

  • Anonymous

only drawback soc should use 4 Cortex-A15MP cores.

  • TheIndian

Just 26% performance boring!

  • Amir

use it samsung galaxy s3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz