Samsung shows quad-core Exynos chipset

24 February, 2012
It packs four Cortex-A9 cores built using a 32nm process for better performance and lower power usage.

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  • Anonymous

Tizen Takeover, 24 Feb 2012Just 5 or are you using that as a conjecture? Multitasking 5 app... moreAgain that junkie phone..

Let it handle correctly just one firefox before commenting.

  • thinker

SGS3 coming?

  • DSN

Tomas, 24 Feb 2012What is better 4xCortex A9 or 2xCortex A15 ???Well 2 cortex a-15 @ 2ghz are more powerfull than 4 a-9 @ 1.5 ghz ( remember tegra 3 is at 1 ghz )

Also these a-15 provide equal performance as to intel core 2duo if clocked at same speed...

Not only this, they r to be in big LITTLE configuration with a pair of 2 a-7 cores which provide 50% more efficiency as compared to the cortex a-8 while still giving 70% more battery life as stated by arm... So obviously this is the best way to get the best of both worlds ( battery and performance)

Difference between OMAP and exynos is that exynos uses a pair of arm a-7 along with a-15 where as omap uses a pair of MP4 cores but they are present for the same purpose I.e. handle mini processes thus to save battery just like the fifth companion core of tegra 3
Although tegra 3 is still like a child with a companion core in the party of grown ups and big player...:)

Only advantage for tegra 3 is it is arriving about 3 to 4 months ( may be less) early...:)

DAMM I want the above stated exynos in s3 or ill wait for some other phone which come with this configuration...:)

  • Tizen Takeover

AnonD-14018, 24 Feb 2012probably you got a faulty one or yourse is full of malware that ... moreJust 5 or are you using that as a conjecture? Multitasking 5 apps is nothing.

Not defending this betrayal company but the Nokia N900 multitasks 32 apps on an old processor and it only starts to hiccup around 28 or so.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5950, 24 Feb 2012Just can't wait for Intel respond with Samsung. Can't wait for ... moreThat be to be one the most dumbest comments I've read in the past few years. good luck with the rest of your life'll need it.

  • NeMo

I'd like join biger battery fun club. why we need powerful device if it works half a day on battery :(

so, today battery isue is more important than anouncement of new chipset

I'm a captivate user and want more from my phones battery

  • OLED

The 26% performance boost is moot as it is only found past the 1.2Ghz clock speeds.

Power usage saving is also negligible, sammy should have just went with the DualA-15 to for a better over all performance and also a good marketing 'our dual cores beat your quads'

  • Anonymous

Just a message to Samsung. We do not want Cortex-a9 anymore. We want pure Cortex A15 in our phones.

  • AnonD-5950

Just can't wait for Intel respond with Samsung.
Can't wait for Multi-treaded 28nm dual core Intel Atom on a phone.
More efficient and more powerful.
Feels like using intel Pentium during the olden days. Cool!
Dear Samsung, just concentrate on the better battery capacity which is thin enough, and in Amoled/LCD technology. Create a much more efficient display than Super Amoled/S. Amoled +

  • AnonD-43579

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2012Lol at "Lower battery usage"is that even funny? what's so funny about it?

  • core

msm 8960 is better...

  • Anonymous

Instead of introducing more powerful CPUs and GPUs, why not improve at where they're the weakest? Why doesn't any OEM bother with high-quality batteries? Right now the only Android device I could recommend to my peers is the RAZR MAXX, because unlike other Android devices, it doesn't die after a day of heavy use.

  • AnonD-15182

every year they should also launch new batteries for android phones like new processors. Batteries are equally important I feel.I own GS2 & Nexus S.. have used many android phones but I faced more problem due to the battery performance. why not a 3500mAh battery for all phones like Razr MAXX.We Indians Don't even have Razr MAXX here.

  • Giba

I did not like this new quad core exynos, I repeat, much prefer a dual core ARM Cortex A15 than this quad core A9 and moreover does not support DDR3 and no support Dual Channel. If the Galaxy S3 comes with this crap I'll choose some with Tegra 3 at least a fifth core and has a very powerful GPU! What a disappointment Samsung!

  • Anonymous

Lol at "Lower battery usage"

  • AnonD-14018

S, 24 Feb 2012I think the only real problem is can the software be matched for... moreNo phone or tablet or pc will ever have software fully optimized for its hardware .

  • AnonD-14018

[deleted post]probably you got a faulty one or yourse is full of malware that runn in background , or one of those shity t-mobile full of bloatware phones. Or even an unoptimized custom firmware.

Didnt experience any lags with the sgs II , besides the ocasional hickup after exiting an ap and entering the appdrawer imediately and even that is not obvious.

The note wich runs a 720p screen performs flawlessly even when you multitask 5 apps and doesnt have that hickup the sgs II (international version)has.

Take your phone to a service . And battery life check the gsmarena review on that . it has one of the best battery life. Ofc if you play games all day or surf the web your gonna end up recharging it every 8 hours but thats entirely your fault :)

  • blueglue

[deleted post]ah , now i see another miserable comment. please understand that flat lies shall have no effect on the interest people show on SGS2 and its successors. Its quite evident whatever you said is baseless.

In short, go puke your jealous elsewhere.

  • S

I think the only real problem is can the software be matched for all the hardware?

  • Tomas

What is better 4xCortex A9 or 2xCortex A15 ???