Redmi Note 8 Pro's liquid cooling confirmed as phone scores 280K on AnTuTu

23 August 2019
The 12nm Mediatek G90T chipset is comparable to the performance of the 7nm Kirin 810.

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TheWanderer, 23 Aug 2019Stop defending Mediatek's unacceptable behaviour. They already u... moreHow do you know that they are using cheaper components?

  • Magnificent Suleiman

So this midrange chipset/phone is almost (on a benchmark at least) as powerful as my Mix 2s?

Honestly, do we even need more powerful phones that this?

TheWanderer, 23 Aug 2019Stop defending Mediatek's unacceptable behaviour. They already u... moreWell sorry if you think I'm like that. I'm not even using Mediatek now. I just get annoyed when people bash and insult Mediatek just because;
"muh custom roms" when they don't even plan to unlock the bootloader,
"it's slow" it's on par with the competition,
"you can cook eggs with it" which is no longer true.

I do acknowledge about the GPL compliance but the advantage is they are cheaper. That is the selling point. Otherwise, no one would pick them at all. I will reiterate again, Mediatek won't appease the enthusiasts and are not open source friendly. If you want better dev support then you are free to pick Snapdragon or Exynos.

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Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019Mediate is bestSaid no one ever

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What about custom rom support for mediatek is bad.

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Mediate is best

DrakeX, 23 Aug 2019Thanks for taking the time to present an informative argument. D... moreStop defending Mediatek's unacceptable behaviour. They already use cheaper components in their SoCs so their profit margin is decent and they have no excuse for not releasing the source code.

DroidBoye, 23 Aug 2019Mediatek-powered Android phones has very limited Official update... moreThanks for taking the time to present an informative argument. Do enlighten me more about these issues. Anyways, I'm aware of the lack of updates that have always been associated with Mediatek. What I was not aware that manufacturers are required to pay Mediatek in order to provide source code which is related to GPL compliance (which I think I did read before but I forgot)

I did a bit of some research after reading your comment based on some thread and it seems to be legal for Mediatek to sell their source code. They will only provide if requested and even then requires legal rights. I don't know what exactly is the legal rights, maybe it has to do with buying their source code?? What they cannot prevent is another manufacturer redistributing a particular source code of theirs to others. "Mediatek does not provide any binaries to individuals unless you buy 50k+ of their chips. Hence they only have to provide their big value customers with code." - quote from the thread. Also from what I found, Mediatek phones from Nokia, Motorola, Blu, etc. released in the US and EU are more likely to get updates.

Although this would deem unethical, stingy and lazy, Mediatek SoCs tend to be cheaper than Qualcomm counterparts which compensates for the lack of updates. In the case of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, the G90/G90T is slightly better than Snapdragon 675 and also Snapdragon 710.

Yes it's quite embarrassing Mediatek won't be appeasing the enthusiasts anytime soon but I think they are smart to provide their SoCs to vivo, Oppo, Realme who's main market is in Asia in which budget buyers will want fast phones. They got back up after releasing Helio P60. If you care about updates, Mediatek will be a less viable option.

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okay that's a good device, but even k20 pro still not available in my country. they always tease us with their new device but still cant supply it properly.

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The article should point out more clearly that the score is from antutu v8 not antutu v7 because most people that do not know will think that this processor is on par with snapdragon 845 when in fact it is slower than a kirin 810 which scores around 220000 in antutu v7

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As long as it comes with Emmc storage it will have lags and stutters.

With Antutu V8, all SoCs are boosted scores, 810 and Helio G90T maybe better, but not too much Predecessors.

DroidBoye, 23 Aug 2019Mediatek-powered Android phones has very limited Official update... moreEven devs don't want to touch mtk devices due to a lack of source code. So no, unlocking the bootloader does not guarantee that you'll get high quality roms or roms at all.

RejZoR, 23 Aug 2019Can we all please stop calling regular heatpipes "water cooling"... moreHaha. Yeah. Engineers might scratch their heads but the marketing department were the ones assigned to name the cooling-system.

DrakeX, 23 Aug 2019If bootloader unlocks, kernel source codes and custom ROMs is al... moreMediatek-powered Android phones has very limited Official update from the manufacturer. Mediatek's catch is "cheap" SoC for the masses, and that's what phone manufacturers wanted too. The problem with Mediatek is that they'll only release their source code only if the manufacturers paid them and that deal is still under non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the payment and the NDA violate General Public License (GPL). The problem is that manufacturers don't want to pay more in in advance for a software that SHOULD be provided as FREE. To keep the phone's price low the manufacturer just abandon mtk devices's software development for future Android Releases. Mediatek's source code release does matter for official development, don't blame manufacturers for Mediatek's foul business treatment of supposedly open-source software. The only way for users to have 2 to 3 Android version update for MTK is to flash custom ROMs.

if mediatek, the price should around $160

Ash, 23 Aug 2019So true, many things can be achieved with the flexibility of an ... moreNiche need (bootloader) here is the kicker as a consumer you have the ability and flexibility to do anything you want with your....

MONEY/PURCHASE !!!!! this equation has been solved for years you can chose not to buy this and chose from this huge variety of phones we have today, amazing isn't it??

AnonD-241270, 23 Aug 2019but K20's is much more appealing to the eye, really, compare thi... moreODFS?

I like this design, sure the K20 is even better, but not to everyones taste. it is a bit on the flashy side and not necessarliy something for the adult buyers. LIke my 60 year old father, who has the Note 7.

Being Chinese Xiaomi really aren't allowed to do anything without being called a copy. If they place the camera on the side, then it's a copy. If they put it in the middle it's a copy.

There are limits to things, and a reason why cars have their headlights in the front and facing fowards and not on top of the roof facing upwards. Yet, manufacturer B doesn't get a "copy of manufacturer A" stamp because of this.

I prefer the mid placement as I'm less likely to get a bit of my finger in the photo.

DrakeX, 23 Aug 2019If bootloader unlocks, kernel source codes and custom ROMs is al... moreThank you very much sir a voice of reason!!!!!

  • Ash

AnonD-241270, 23 Aug 2019well, if you are going to be trap'd in jail...keep with mediatek... moreSo true, many things can be achieved with the flexibility of an unlocked bootloader and open development. The refresh rate mods for example on the k20/k20pro are great examples.

Since you own the device, you should have the ability and flexibility of doing whatever you wish to your phone.