Videos in Google Play Store listings will autoplay starting next month

31 August 2019
Google will also disallow monetized videos in app listings from November 1, 2019.

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  • stobs

irritating. new OS please.

  • AnonD-819322

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2019Need a new smartphone operating system.Might as well go back to WP.

Everyone shutting down and disabling video autoplay and here's Google enabling this garbage by default.

  • Anonymous

Need a new smartphone operating system.

  • Anonymous

Literally no one asked for this

  • Anonymous

cries in german super-expensive and still super-tiny data caps

  • Spike

Thank you Google for helping in Annoying and wasting our batteries. Great Companies

  • Wayne Morellini

Please No autoplay videos.

Even Netflix is auto playing titles episode if you go into the menus to look at what it is, filling the continue watching lineup up with rubbish and even previously completed series.

  • Jethro

and Play Pass will start November 1 2019

  • Anonymous

Should've have just banned apps/games with stolen assets or screenshots/videos that do not show actual gameplay and just pure cinematics

We must put autoplaying videos on the crap filled store.

  • Carol

Actually the videos are played through youtube app...well at least til this day.... Boy am i glad that app is uninstalled.

I detest autoplay videos. If I cannot stop them I leave the site. It is incredibly rare that I would choose to watch a video of an app or game since I found that the ones I'd tried were poor examples of actual gameplay.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019Same. Like why you put 2 ads before a video on your own when you... moreMe too, YouTubers get very obnoxious about ads, they even put one embedded intro the video. Stuffs like... "Your typical VPN service" "Buy some t shirts that no one cares about" and my favorite... "Play this boring mobile game that is infested with microtranstactions!"

Well in chrome i use addblock it works very well for every add anywhere on every page even youtube.
And pages which wont allows me to go in because of adblock i just ignore as always.
Same i going to do with my playstore.
I will run adblock which block every stupid ad which can get in my way.
I am tired of watching anything which i dont even consider as an option to install.

Never understood why devs put ads in their ad video to begin with...

Anyway, YouTube Vanced rules

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Same. Like why you put 2 ads before a video on your own when you aren't even going to pay the creator? Now I use YT vanced which is basically YouTube but with no ads

  • Anonymous

please don't unsolicitedly autoplay videos, ever. no one likes that. best case they don't care and just stop and/or mute it, perhaps worst case they might also feel immediate disapproval towards whatever is being shoved in their face

Wasn't necessary

  • Anonymous

Microsoft and their cancerous promotion of minimalistic design starting all the way back with Zune is the reason we have to put up with stupid azz designs like this...

  • Anonymous

klv12gcn, 31 Aug 2019My goodness. I hate autoplay video. Who ever thouht of autoplay... more+1