Kirin 990 unveiled, built on the 7nm+ process and features integrated 5G modem

06 September 2019
The new Kirin 990 is more powerful and more efficient than the competition.

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rip they didn't use the latest tech probably because of the US ban. ie a77 and g77

  • George ketah

How much is the Price

What's it with chinese brands and over hyping everything? I use Huawei phones and the kirin 980 gpu matches sd 835 at best...just wait for mate 30 series to lunch and watch how Antutu will start the score at 1000 before they drop it back to around 300..

Huaweiz, 06 Sep 2019This should have been the Kirin 985 lolYep. A bit improved process, AI NPU and integrated 5G NSA (half 5G) are the only changes made. That's not really a next-gen SoC at this point. Just a buzzword overload

Asphalt-nation, 06 Sep 2019You don't understand This CPU is great, and it's a perfect equi... moreSD855 "life cycle is over", are you serious ? ? ? ... what more do you need from smartphone , to levitate around you in hands free mode ? , even SD865 won't support that ... power efficiency is key here and let's hope K990 delivers.

  • Anonymous


Kirin 990 will be at the top for about 4 months maybe 5.

And then snapdragon will be at the top for 7-8 months.


I do commend Huawei they release it at the end of the year so all their fanboys can say its the best chip of 2018 or 2018 and it seems to work :D

  • Anonymous

Huawei tries to up their game but just after 4-5 months it becomes almost outdated because Samsung and Snapdragon release their next gen chips. For now, it seems pretty great.

MadMel, 06 Sep 2019did you find something here that is not "proper" ? , give credit... moreYou don't understand
This CPU is great, and it's a perfect equivalent to the S855. BUT the S855 lifecycle is over.

Next year, all Huawei phones will have that K990. And all others phones will have the S865. Which means, huawei still one year late in the CPU game.

yogivansh, 06 Sep 2019benchmarks don't reflects real world performance. Yes it does, especially stress test benchmark really like real world usage

optimization is what we needed rather that these resource hungry chip sets.
companies should release chip sets in a gap of 3 years so that the manufacturers can squeeze out everything from the existing chip sets.

Asphalt-nation, 06 Sep 2019Then in 2 months Qualcomm unveil the S865 that smash the 990, an... moredid you find something here that is not "proper" ? , give credit where credit is due.

  • Thomasarboles

They really stayed with the g76..... Are you kidding me?

Kevin T, 06 Sep 2019Want to see the first benchmarks of the same how much performanc... morebenchmarks don't reflects real world performance.

So to say per least, this one is as powerful as the SD855+, since the advantages of this Kirin 990 to the SD855 in terms of power is pretty much identical to the SD855+.
In conclusion, Huawei basically made a Kirin version of the SD855+, and added some new things, some of which are going to be done 6 months later by Qualcomm, but with far better engineering instead.

  • AnonD-794992

8k 30fps?
Well done!
But im concert about the video stabilisation.

Then in 2 months Qualcomm unveil the S865 that smash the 990, and all the 2020 Huawei phones are officially down, performance wise

Kevin T, 06 Sep 2019WHY NO A77 & MALI G77? Looks like no one is trying to push ... moreWait what? If this 5G integrated chip isn't competition, then I dunno what is. Maybe there was a shortage of A77 chips? Maybe they'll improve it later with 5nm, and add the A77 chips? There are many possibilities. I'll wait for the new Snapdragon 865 to be unveiled later this year. Hopefully they will have A77 chips and 7nm+ process.

  • Huaweiz

This should have been the Kirin 985 lol

  • lol

they say that g76 is better then adreno 640 with 6% more

Want to see the first benchmarks of the same how much performance bump are we get over 855 Snapdragon launch candence is quite unusual they announce new soc in December which gets implemented in phones by Feb March next year Arm launches new architecture in June