Huawei Mate 30 and Mate X will ship without the Play Store and all other Google apps

06 September 2019
A new report confirms rumors we first heard at the end of last month.

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US dictator, 16 Nov 2019Do you really expect anyone to believe your lie propaganda? The ... moreBack off puny drone. The violation of the Iran sanctions is reason enough to enforce a ban according to US laws, which unlike Chinese laws are not changed to the whims of one person.
Moreover China's internal operations are completely opaque. What's the incentive to tell the truth even, if the whole country is run by emperor Xi, and all flow of information is under the iron grip of the CCP? The Xi regime has every reason to say whatever suits its favor with zero accountability.
There's a lot of truth to the accusations to the extent of the few aspects that could be verified from the outside, whatever goes on behind closed doors with Huawei and the Party is anyone's guess.

  • US dictator

S Yu, 09 Sep 2019They've been making the best PPTs since eternity. And of course... moreDo you really expect anyone to believe your lie propaganda? The US government very much *does* dictate companies what they can do, and what they can't!
In this case, the US government made up fake lies about supposed espionage by Huawei, and used that as an excuse to dictate companies that they can't sell stuff to Huawei - and the companies can't do anything about it! They don't have any choice whatsoever there, they're dictated they can't sell their stuff anymore, greatly harming their business, and they can't do anything about it!

  • GuruMMX

If you have been to school then you can install anything on any hardware.. If you are simple user.. then watch the TV advertising and listen the radio and then do what they are telling you.. eat, breath,, not buy.. unbelievable how the people becoming a sheeps...
what a useless discussion.

  • Anonymous

I see NO GOOGLE as a major selling point. Google and especially android have become evil and are nothing more than spyware. I would welcome a new 'private' OS from another operator and I think Huawei would be a good choice because they are adversaries of Uncle Sam's penetration [sic] of all end-users on the planet.

  • Portborn

This is really disappointing. It feels like Huawei is being punished for its own success under the guise of national security. There's nothing that the Chinese state could have done with Huawei that the US government hasn't done or tried to do with Google and Apple. Cisco pretty much confirmed that they rolled over to demands that they add back doors into their hardware, which not only makes it possible for security agencies to access them but opens them up to cyber criminals. If you add a back door into hardware like this, you can bet that people will find it who you don't intend.

Whackcar, 08 Sep 2019So you want them to fail because their phones are better than yo... moreyes. So what you want to do now?

  • Bilal

If all these stuff are not being work so what they use replace of google play??

Eye see u, 11 Sep 2019I have try some Huawei phone, Huawei have some bloatware especia... moreWell everybody have its flaws.
Noone is perfect.
Maybe apart Vertu but thats bit expensive even for rich people.
But Vertu era and fame is over now.

  • Josh V

I am just a regular person, if my huawei phone is hacked, the only scandalous thing they can find on the phone is that I have lots of picture of dead cooked chicken,dead cooked pigs and there's this yellow sticks I eat that will eventually kill me someday. #mcdo

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019too bad mate 30 will lock the boatloader and google service is i... moreno need to have unlocked bootloader.. haha ''integrated ''deep'' in os'' haha how u wrote it u clearly have no idea.. just because u can't uninstall some apps doesn't mean they are ''deep in os'' :DDDD it is just protection u ned to know how to uninstall even without root.. u need tool in win 10 . ;)

CptPower, 09 Sep 2019Well call ita new beggining. No bloatware by google could be pros. I have try some Huawei phone, Huawei have some bloatware especially the Appgallery, those Huawei fans will appreciate but it it just like the Samsung app shop.

  • Anonymous

xxspamxx, 09 Sep 2019To those saying that they will just side load the gapps, don't b... moreDude read the article carefully. You are going on a totally different tangent.

Huawei can just use their own os in like 15 years lol

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2019NICE, less USA spyware and a cheaper good flagship phone!!! Wait... moreNice, trade USA spyware for Chinese spyware

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2019Come on now. Huawei has been making the best Android phones in t... moreFunny how a company as big as Huawei has to toe the party line and do whatever the Chinese government says to do

  • Anonymous

This is actually a good thing. I've been trying to migrate away from Google products myself.

  • Anonymous

so the US is against governments meddling in the business of private companies. So what does it do? meddle in a business of a private company - Googles.

Recow, 09 Sep 2019The thing is I still don't believe this will happen....Yeah, this is probably just a one-off thing since the Party is showing signs of concession in trade talks, maybe not even one-off, the ban may be lifted before this device actually ships.

  • cyber

ive hope and the other huawei phones will be stripped from google apps and services,this leading to dissappearing of that junk brand in Bulgaria where i live,soon as everyone lost interest of buying their useless toys they will move away and from Europe at all

  • pajson89

great news , u can download any app u want