Huawei Mate 30 and Mate X will ship without the Play Store and all other Google apps

06 September 2019
A new report confirms rumors we first heard at the end of last month.

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  • Anonymous

ProJames-CHM, 07 Sep 2019Play Services also handles some features like... GPS. This ... moreTons of Android devices run just fine without playstore

Play Services also handles some features like... GPS. This is not to say that GPS won't work, but Play Services greatly enhanced GPS accuracy.

Play Services has grown over the years. The cynical would say that this is to "addict" OEMs, devs and users alike to Play Services. Their feelings are only consolidated by the fact that Play Services are not proprietary. On the other hand, it helps a bit to reduce the Android fragmentation. Just a bit.

  • Anonymous

Great no more spying from Google. If only we could unlock bootloaders and get rid of Huawei spying on us.

Guys can simply install apps from other Android app stores or sideload apk files of apps they want.

so cant we just install te apk online???

I wonder if the people who will buy it will also install gapps on it.

i will buy it

  • Anonymous

Even on my fire tab amazon
I have playstore sideloaded...its hardly matters..because after one year sure it will be upgraded to harmony os..

  • Seaecher

Interested to know what the pricing will be. If Huawei deeply discounts to compensate for missing Google then it will be a great value for money purchase.

Well that's the end of that phone.

Disappointing hopefully the operating system duopoly will fall one day

Politics strikes again