Alleged iPhone 11 Pro shows up on Geekbench with 4GB of RAM

11 September 2019
The device scored a whopping 5,472 single-core and 13,769 multi-core, crushing its competition.

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  • Anonymous

Georgi, 12 Sep 2019Many of the android features are useless ; apple gives the usefu... moreLol you never used any real 2019 Android flagships

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Sigh.. This shows that people are easily fooled by numbers and s... moreAbsolutely. I can only imagine what Android could do with that much power
iOS is too restrictive.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019What the heck Apple??? Go bankrupt please. It will take you at least five years before you can buy this year's latest iPhone, decades before they go bankrupt.

piku, 12 Sep 2019Not everyone uses iPhone and wired earphones still offers best s... moreIf you want to have the best audio quality, you wouldn't go for a smartphone as a music player. To make it easier for you to understand, you wouldn't use a consumer Audi in an F1 race. Jesus Christ, people from the subcontinent these days.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019This isn't Pro, according to just released article, Pro have 6GB RAMCould be, but apple kinda announces/brags about every new addition to the new model....So its kinda weird they didn't go full "more memory for more multitasking" angle. Also the same 64/256/512 Gb pallete......shows that they haven't centered on storage this year.

  • Anonymous

AnonF-85937, 12 Sep 20194GB RAM is plenty enough for the iPhone, especially if you are s... moreAnd your type is te reason why they can continue to charge for for 6 to 12gb of ram but only offer 4.

  • Trooper

For over a grand, I'd expect a phone to at least pour me a drink and massage my feet, let alone post the highest (current) benchmark scores.

That's some pretty expensive phone calls right there... O.o

  • Daniel

hmm, 12 Sep 2019One thing is affording it and other thing is making sense to spe... morePowerful comment and very true. Big up, I feel ya and agree with ya. POWER!

3D or 4K@60fps rendering on the go the only use case I have in mind. Not even the heaviest game for, say the next 2 years, requires this much power. However, since Apple still believes in 5 year phone lifespan, it is understandable to give this much performance. Though they might forget that even in a year technology can advance so much that other than performance, old phones may lose in everything else. Well, they even stick with 2-year old wide notch design and no under display (or anywhere else but the front mounted) fingerprint, no wonder.

  • AnonF-85937

4GB RAM is plenty enough for the iPhone, especially if you are switching between 3-4 apps, as seen in the Speedtest, the iPhone held on to most of the apps except the last few.

Happy with this.

  • hmm

DavidRegalJnr, 12 Sep 2019I've used Android all my life but i can't really hate Apple that... moreOne thing is affording it and other thing is making sense to spend your money based on brand and what you get for the money. I can buy 1000 euro phones but do i need them are different question. For my needs i have under 200 euro phone that does everything for me what i need. As i dont play games i dont need powerhouse in my pocket. I dont even use camera that much that i need it to be very good so i can make 1 picture in 4 months. And build quality is more of a gimmic especially as everything is made out of glass today.

  • hmm

jtrogr, 12 Sep 2019These software updates are the biggest scam Apple has ever playe... moreYou get all that even on budget range androids so dont need even to have flagships.
Most middle class price phones have more features then apple phones/devices

  • Jtrogr

Hello Life, 12 Sep 201999% of the people dont mind these simple things over what they g... moreSame lame design for the third year. The phones look outdated, just put them next to a s10 or note 10- looks do matter at this pricepoint.
People watch youtube, you can see the difference in resolution.
Still no in-display fingerprint reader, you use it many times a day.
The fact that you cannot do anything except answer/decline when someone calls you is annoying.
The data transfer is still not as simple as on android.

And new androids come out every month. In a few months it will be even worse for apple.

  • hmm

lol, 12 Sep 2019the poor and kids hate iphone but the fact is that iphone is the... moreFirst smartphone was Nokia 9000 or something with physical keyboard as a mini laptop. By the time Apple made first Iphone there already were touchscreen phones out for years.

And You cant compare any of the android/windows what ever OS system running smartphones with Apple product that is closed ecosystem and every device is optimized to run that one OS that is made for that said device. Get there hardware to run android and then see the benchmarks and then we can talk about it more and compare it's power

  • Ok

Hello Life, 12 Sep 201999% of the people dont mind these simple things over what they g... moreSo you're denying that Android has more useful features than iOS by calling them gimmicks and when iOS takes it later, y'all will claim they're innovative and useful. Also, is iTunes fixed already?

  • hmm

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019Can't wait Apple to put A13X in to MacBook. Then developers will... moreDont fool yourself ! If they change from Intel CPU to A13X or what ever they have then the price wont go down for end users. It's just a way for Apple to get even more profit.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]4000?

It's 1000. Your hate is blinding you

  • g6 user

reloading apps depends of the OS and the manufacture polishing
I remember an old test in which an lg g2 with 2gb od ram beat Samsung s6 in terms of general speed * no bench * and multitasking

Arif238, 12 Sep 2019MacOS as if they invented something, it's a Linux based operatin... moreIt's UNIX based system, not Linux.

  • piku

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019This comment is getting annoying over time.. is 3.5 jack the onl... moreYes,Its of the criteria I look in phone while I buy phones.