Alleged iPhone 11 Pro shows up on Geekbench with 4GB of RAM

11 September 2019
The device scored a whopping 5,472 single-core and 13,769 multi-core, crushing its competition.

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  • AnonD-794992

[deleted post]It is simple,when you buy a new car, tv, pc, or any other electronic, you are doing little research about what is the best for you or you are buyng the first offer you see? How can you know if androud is better or worse without reading the news about it? For mobile gaming ipad us my choice, for photography huawei.
Constructive discussion is one thing, trolling is another:)

  • piku

Eram, 12 Sep 2019Come on!!!! its Airpod era....Not everyone uses iPhone and wired earphones still offers best sound Quality. Best thing is you don't have to charge wired earphones.

jtrogr, 12 Sep 2019Not only features but general overall stuff. Volume indi... more99% of the people dont mind these simple things over what they get in return. The most important thing the software support from both 1st and 3rd party.. lets forget how many years it took apple to do this and that.. lets talk about present.. what are you missing? Volume slider for general purpose? Data transfer is easy now with files app.. amd apps like xender and all.. most importantly simple transfers don’t work because of strict security reasons.. as everything is encrypted

I wonder what's the secret of that special processor which scores 5.4k in single score. If QC could figure it out, it'll be worth it for Android. Not so much for iOS.

  • jtrogr

Hello Life, 12 Sep 2019Like what? What feature are you talking about? There’s no s... moreNot only features but general overall stuff.

Volume indicators, it took apple years to resize it that's its not in your way in the middle of the screen.
Phone calls, you love it when your phone is useless until you answer or deny the call?
Dark mode, anyone?
How long did it take to sort out simple screenshots?
Ringtones - really? In 2019?
Volume for calls, alarms, messages... all the same in iOS.
Multitasking is still an enigma in iOS.
Simple data transfer and saving on the device.

The list goes on forever and this are legit and useful things.

  • Anonymous

What the heck Apple??? Go bankrupt please.

  • Anonymous

This isn't Pro, according to just released article, Pro have 6GB RAM

  • Anonymous

metalfreak, 12 Sep 2019its always amusing when a new iphone comes out and they try... more"Then the new SD cpu comes out and smokes it and then they shut up for 10 more months"

What? that's never happened, XS still have fastest CPU in the market and now the lead only get lot bigger.

its always amusing when a new iphone comes out and they try to compare its new processor to androids cpu that came out almost a year before it and act like its something special for beating it. Then the new SD cpu comes out and smokes it and then they shut up for 10 more months

  • pajson89

in real life use it means nothing

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]that i've been wondering since i got my first iPhone.

I've used Android all my life but i can't really hate Apple that much,although not perfect...You android fanboys flooding every article or piece of information about the IPhones are only making them more popular,i post and criticize technology a lot but haven't said a damn thing about even make it pretty obvious most of y'all can't afford it.Go ahead and continue drawing all your attention to them while the other phones this year will receive relatively less of it.

  • BarrioMario

Steve H.McFöy posted on his twitter that this isnt cortect but instead should be:

- #iPhone11 = 4GB RAM + 3110mAh battery (Xr = 3GB + 2942mAh)
- #iPhone11Pro = 6GB RAM + 3190mAh battery (Xs = 4GB RAM + 2658mAh)
- #iPhone11ProMax = 6GB RAM + 3500mAh (Xs Max = 4GB RAM + 3174mAh)

jtrogr, 12 Sep 2019These software updates are the biggest scam Apple has ever ... moreLike what? What feature are you talking about? There’s no such feature in android that isn’t on ios that people will find necessary in general. The only thing extra in android is home screen.. thats about it. Ios has better and more optimised apps and has better security and no virus whatsoever. If you want more features .. on geeky level both android and ios have root and jailbreaks to do more

jtrogr, 12 Sep 2019These software updates are the biggest scam Apple has ever ... moreMany of the android features are useless ; apple gives the useful ones in general. I have a galaxy note 8 and an iphone XS. Believe me I had many android phones : google nexus 5 ; sony xperia xz ; galaxy note 7 ; galaxy note 8 etc I like stock android. If I will get another android it must be google pixel or if Andy Rubin brings another Essential phone

  • jtrogr

Georgi, 12 Sep 2019Apple also gives 5-6 years of major updates ; so they need... moreThese software updates are the biggest scam Apple has ever played.
They give you features that exist for years, but you get them over a big amount of time and you feel like you are up to date but the truth is you get things that could have been included in iOS 10, but why not skip it to iOS 13 instead in small pieces so people can feed on that.

Just try an Android flagship, you get all the stuff from iOS 15 but in 2019.

  • lol

the poor and kids hate iphone but the fact is that iphone is the best phone 1st smartphone too i dont have iphone but i know that its best phone quality OS materials and performance best of all end of story

When you post Geekbench scores, you need to clearly label which version of Geekbench. v5 scores are not the same as v4.1 scores.

  • Anonymous

The 865 probably get around 14000 mark

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019This comment is getting annoying over time.. is 3.5 jack th... moreThis is to send a message to any company. They're bleeding customers and cash because of that almighty feature unfortunately crucified for the wrong reasons.