Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Device at MWC

01 March, 2012
The last minute award was given to Nokia's 41MP imaging monster smartphone.

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  • funside_master

I love this phone powered by Android OS that can run only a half hour video recording in 1080p,,,battery drain!!! Android Sucks

  • AnonD-2663

They'll have a hard time selling Windows Phone handsets once the 808 is released, particularly in Europe.

  • Anonymous

A nokia phone with android OS would be overkill!

  • anabel

i want this phone on pink color, So Sexy!

  • Jay

AnonD-14101, 01 Mar 2012From NOKIA to all other manufacturers: IN YOUR FACE!!!!True to that!

  • skitso

nokia to da world......symbian to da world......n8 - wished da 808 was slimmer.........Android or no other brand aint got nuttin on u nokia and symbian

  • remmy

what is the price?

  • genus

Well, this Nokia 808 really interesting for its 41MP camera sensor.

  • sweetypie

Nokia 808 is the "BOOMBASTIC" Phone of the year. I LIKE IT

  • AnonD-44557

nokia worth for that, i love nokia. it is a huge achievement to beat others (dual core and quadcore phone). who can imagine that it can bring a mini dslr in the pocket!!!!

  • marvolio2000

I wish this device had a 32/64 gig memory inbuilt with a meego os it would have been the best device for the next 3 years

  • AnonD-1981

Innovation and TRUE Magic.
You deserve it and you are the best.


  • peace

AnonD-10858, 01 Mar 2012i can easily say why 808 won award, not LG optimus 4X, not ... moreU know mate, i feel this is why nokia did not adopt like a certain amount of control and exclusivity to the OS they use, and wp7, a still emerging platform, was ideal for that. Using android they would always have been under google+under pressure from other manufacturers. Mark my words, i dont predict sudden rise of wp7, but i can surely say that in the next 5 years, nokia will be selling almost all the wp7 devices in market and other manufacturers will withdraw from the OS, because nokia will make super-good phones that no other company can compete with

  • 808

Nokia was, is and will always be the pace setter in the Mobile Phone Industry. Congratulations are in order NOKIA TEAM!

To the bashers thank you too lol.

  • techiteen

Imagine!!! (Sony Ericcson, Htc, Samsung, LG, Morola, Panasonic, Huwei, ZTE) against Nokia using a Belle OS (single core) its a great achievement for nokia...not like the others OS need to run a 1080p video for a (dual core),,,,,ANDROID SUCKS

  • AnonD-14101

From NOKIA to all other manufacturers:


  • Anonymous

well i think nokia is a great player in this industry, but nokia throw away their first os and planned to leave it alone ... symbian os could use some help not just more camera sensor although it's COOL

  • hzx

im xperia arc s user. android user. android lover. but i love this new thing bring by nokia. innovation. true innovation. a true craft. a different thing. not just a copy. like maybe other 'company' did. its a big come back by nokia. anyway. good progress. but please improve ur GPU in ur device! ahaha. outdated ~ :D

  • AnonD-10858

i can easily say why 808 won award, not LG optimus 4X, not huawei ascend d quad, not htc one x... they all have quad core cpu's and are extremely powerfull, but the problem is they ar ALL quad core... 808 has 41mp camera and it is only ONE like that... other phones have their counterparts, this one doesnt... 808 is unique, thats why it has won

  • hohoho

Poor sony! didn't get any award after all. wuahahaha!