Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Device at MWC

01 March, 2012
The last minute award was given to Nokia's 41MP imaging monster smartphone.

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  • kur

sarah_lair, 01 Mar 2012hey! hey! Fandroid jealous accept accept it! LOLyeah! I am the one who will accept that Nokia 808 Pure View is the best innovasion imaging phone today....

  • gabriev

I doubt that what all consumers want on their phones is a HUGE camera, an old OS which lets face it isn't that user friendly or have too many apps (i own a symbian and i am tired of it)....its cool as a gadget, but as a phone...i dunno its meh

  • AnonD-10443

proud to be a nokia user!nokia rocks!!i want that cameraphone!!!

  • midas84

I just want to comment on all the "fandroid" remarks and the Android users hating this phone.

I've used Nokia & symbian all my life but I stopped using Nokia/Symbian 2yrs ago (last phones N95, N97, N900) - as you'll all agree TOP symbian phones when they were released. I'm now using android (HTC Desire & HTC Sensation). Despite my reasons for never wanting another Symbian device, lets all be realistic here. Nokia are great innovators. The best in the industry (including Apple). This phone will definately change the game as far as how device manufacturers implement imaging in their products. Nokia deserved this. A single core processor running a phone with a pretty much perfect camera compared to the rest of the market.

I for one will not be buying this phone but my hat goes off to Nokia for the 808. A great phone with great potential. I hope it does them justice and brings Nokia back into the game where they belong.

  • AnonD-14018

AnonD-44566, 01 Mar 2012Great comments.....i agree with everything you have said. I... morethats exactly what people sayd about the N8...

  • twetty betty

please out this phone as soon as possible. Love it :) :) :)

  • welldone

Good job Nokia ... congrats !!

  • David

nokia ftw :)

  • disezela

thanks to gsmarena !! science behind pureview. otherwise people would think a piece of crap for this phone.

  • Ziad

hzx, 01 Mar 2012im xperia arc s user. android user. android lover. but i lo... morethnx for your true words, I think the Gpu will be impressive to do with the cam and processor 1080P video recording.

  • AnonD-30640

Well i think is time to swap my precious 5530 for the 808! 3 years flawless experience. Durable like a rock!

  • syanmarvel

why not samsung used 'belle os' that has 2cores or even 4cores, that will last 4days battery life.. I like the Nokia Belle Os rather than android power drainer... :(

  • Ziad

Jay, 01 Mar 2012True to that!totally agree...Really very massive hit...:)

  • AnonD-44566

Common sense (TM), 01 Mar 2012 Like you guys here, I was a nokia faithful till about two... moreGreat comments.....i agree with everything you have said. I believe the giant(nokia)has been reawaken and are going to make a massive impact in he future. The Lumia 800 is amazing and I can't wait for the lumia 900.

  • Anonymous

even though i own a galaxy nexus now,ill defenitely be buying this phone,as a long term symbian user from 2003 ngage to 2010 c7.i feel really proud about the symbian and kinda strong nostalgic emotion ill be buying an 808 as a rememberence to greatest mobile os and greatest tech.

  • Anonymous

Nice shot!! Nokia congrats and more power

  • GDT

@android fans(fans of all companies other than nokia n apple) m a hardcore samsung android lover. But there's no denying the fact that this is a very good innovation n compared to other brands(all except samsung who did not bother to unveil its artillery) it really is the most innovative. So if u b fair u'll c dat nokia deserves it.
@nokia fans. Pls njoy ur company's success at this MWC WITHOUT tryin to provoke other brand owners by sayin things lyk 'android sucks' n 'where r the fandroids',etc. U'll c dat no one was tryin to bash nokia while v were njoyin sammy's success until nokia fans started provokin us.
Congrats to nokia! But watch out as samsung is gtting to unveil its artillery anytym soon. But njoy for nw.

  • Common sense (TM)

Like you guys here, I was a nokia faithful till about two years back. Like you guys I used to defend nokia to the very end of the discussion.
But then it struck me. Why the hell am I stuck with a 25k (INR) phone that can't do half the stuff a basic android or apple device can? And the clumsy OS? The non responsive RESISTIVE (why nokia WHY?) touchscreen. The pathetic wifi connectivity and the overtly complicated email and messaging systems?
And don't get me started on the updates. A 150 MB update which basically did NOTHING to improve the phones performance.
I could go on but the point is there for anyone with a brain to understand. The BLIND faith and the "Take my money now!!!" attitude that all nokia fans have made the company so complacent that it fell behind.

Apart from the imaging, what else is the n8 better than its android or apple counterparts at? anything? I thought not. N97, the N97 mini, the 5800 XM. ALL expensive and poor mobile phones with outdated hardware AND software.
Nokia needed that kick up the bum in the form of the falling sales to realise that its smartphones are really not all that good afterall.

And thats a good thing. Look at the Lumia for example and even the Belle updates. Now that is what it should have been all this while. Lumia is one of the best phones in the market. And why is it so you ask? Its because of Microsoft's revolutionary OS and Nokia's stellar hardware which no one can deny they have been good at from the beginning.

Its easy to say Nokia is the best and all that but for the past 4 years or so that statement just isnt true. I would like to add that as and when Nokia finally get their act together and produce a phone capable of smooth web browsing and with a fluid os which doesn't just give up if you use more than a couple of applications simultaneously, then I would be one of the first to congratulate and buy one for myself.

  • abcdef

nokia deserved this award

  • fardin

nokia was first phone.
i have nokia n79.i want to buy this phone