Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Device at MWC

01 March, 2012
The last minute award was given to Nokia's 41MP imaging monster smartphone.

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  • GDT

All these sammy-haters only know how to giv nonsense. They hear things lyk samsung's 1 model luks lyk how apple's 1 model luks n they start parroting the same thing abt all the features. Y dont u really say wat else has samsung exactly copied? N if u really think its due to os dat samsung's huge, den y dont u go n ask the judges for choosin the s2 as the bst 'smartfone' which takes in the features of the 'phone'. Lyk the other guy said
'the point is for the one with the brains to see'.

  • AnonD-37603

After some math calculations, considering the photosites size and assuming perfect optics, the image quality should be similar (with the possibility of being better, as I did if for pixel quality and not for a normalized image) to Canon Powershot 220/230 HS ... I'm really surprised how well those 41 (or 38) MP's fit on the 1/1.2" (that is not the diagonal size, but around 1.5 the real diagonal)

  • Jay

Lex, 01 Mar 2012And here come the insults, really the childish verbal behav... moreSure man.....whahahaha just made me laugh! get a break man.

  • AnonD-843

lol if it was running android it would have been dead in the first five minutes of camera usage.

  • AnonD-38119

DanT, 01 Mar 2012You know, you can add a 32 GB microSD to have more storage.... moreYou're wrong about the file size, 5mp photos are about 8-15mb. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the technology behind the Pureview and would absolutely love the chance to own one. I'm just correcting your assumptions. :)

  • Lex

Jay, 01 Mar 2012Dude you clearly don't know what you talking about, everyon... moreAnd here come the insults, really the childish verbal behaviour on this forum never ceases to amaze me, although being 38 I do like being called Kid, it makes me feel young :)

I have never owned a Symbian 3 device and never will, but I have used a Nokia N8 (which I hope should qualify me to at least offer an opinion on it) and wasn’t impressed with the supposed ‘progress’ that had been made.

All Nokia have done is continually gloss over an outdated and flawed OS, now I can see any negative comments regarding this phone seem to anger some of the people on here and lead them to start spouting such silly things like Fandroid!!!!! and Hater!!!!...blah blah blah and basically acting dopey (I guess maybe some of them must have helped design Symbian or something to be so offended, who knows...or cares) but this it is just my opinion as a result of my own experiences.

Camera aside, there is nothing standout about this phone at all, and unless I should suddenly feel the need to print out a 38mp image and stick it to the side of my house, I will be staying clear of it.

  • iguano

AnonD-14018, 01 Mar 2012thats exactly what people sayd about the i have an n8 with nokia belle (symbian) i still proud of it. i just love it.

  • AnonD-44576

hei man nokia and apple is best becme best by copying models of apple and nokia phones

  • fdw

GDT, 01 Mar 2012@android fans(fans of all companies other than nokia n appl... moreAll Samsung has ever done since the start of it's existance, is to copy innovators,LIKE NOKIA. I like Samsung too (i have an s2), but this article is about innovation, and in the mobile phone business, Nokia has been leading the pack for decades

  • vsl

nokia is the best in hardware...
nokia is the best even though the apps is limited...
What will you do with the thousands or hundreds of apps?? Can you install it to your phone?? Kinda funny right??

  • Sri

Congrats Nokia...

And Whats there in Samsung to get this Award..
He is preparing many mobiles which looks same rectangle box.
It is growing because of only Android not about it's features..

Go Nokia Go We know you will be change maker in the market.. You know well about customers that other as we have been seeing your products since so many years..

  • Anonymous

Lex, 01 Mar 2012The only award this device should have won is the ‘Best New... morehow funny that u compared a 2007-08 release phn with todays phn like s2 ,note.where were ur android those time.i think at that time ur comment in nokia forum is awsome n97,95.u people are so much ungrateful. wht do u do with ur smart phn tell us. do u perfectly use or quad core processore.just put some quad core 2gb ram 128 gb micro sd u call innovation?? i think u people are so looser. i suggest u pls buy more money to use only fb twitter, youtube. not coming here nokia doesnt meet ur realese 41mp u called that is innovation i think

  • Jay

Common sense (TM), 01 Mar 2012 Like you guys here, I was a nokia faithful till about two... moreDude you say that Android OS can do more than Symbian OS, Dude you need to come out your cave you clearly don't understand the fact's. I will say to you that Symbain can doe more then Adroid! and this is true if you know anything about the different OS's out there.

  • Jay

Lex, 01 Mar 2012The only award this device should have won is the ‘Best New... moreDude you clearly don't know what you talking about, everyone who says that Symbian is crap is talking about Symbian60, have you ever used Symbian3? I guess not and you talk about phones from years ago........Clearly you do not know what you are talking about.....that's why you troll about phones from years back........Pathetic kid!

  • sam46

I just want to have this phone! No matter what others say,,THEY JUST JEALOUS indeed!! LoL

  • AnonD-8217

candidate for the best phone of the year.!

  • medo elkhiat

Through this phone that I can
‏ ‏say that Nokia started to
regain the confidence of
consumers again, and I am
the first of these consumers,

Nokia ......‏ ‏hello again :)

  • Lex

The only award this device should have won is the ‘Best New Camera Module’ award, as the rest of the phone specs are fairly outdated even before it’s own launch.

And of course it has the handicap of using ‘Symbian’ an OS that was essentially broken from day one and has never been truly fixed.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no Fandroid (whatever one of them is supposed to be, the word sounds a bit stupid to me) I do however use an android, but that’s just because for me it works which is something Symbian has never done and I’ve owned a few Nokia Symbian phones: N95, 5800, N97, useless all of them.

This latest effort from Nokia, despite is impressive camera specs on paper will I’m sure be just the latest of their lacklustre efforts. In short if you want a to use your phone as a camera alone then get this one, but if you want a device for the large variety of other uses modern Smartphone’s are known for then look elsewhere.

  • adir

i used to be a nokia fan boy but now i moved to android. i loved when nokia was on top, since they made good phones.
its just that WP7 sucks so bady that i will never get one. but symbian, even though its a good OS. its just not as good as android! one thing is for sure though, the socend that nokia makes an android phne i will buy it in an instance! EVEN IF IT WILL BE A SUCKISH PHONE!

  • Dakkk

I am excited to see a Symbian phone causing so much commotion. Really an interesting phone, symbian is really an modern and versatile system, just the interface is not as good as the others.