Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Device at MWC

01 March, 2012
The last minute award was given to Nokia's 41MP imaging monster smartphone.

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  • Anonymous

nokia didnt needed windows phone,
now they stuck with 2 burning platforms

  • AnonD-44591

I cant believe nokia is into such a good product, 41 mega pixel is beyond imaginary level thanks to nokia for its wonderful product....

  • Lex

Jay, 01 Mar 2012I will say again you don't what you are talking about! You... moreOh so because I don't agree with you then i don't know what I'm talking about????

Also i've never used symbian 3 because you say so??? What do you want proof of purchase or something???

I'll say it again, the lack of maturity of the forums is obvious!

I'd take android, IOS or Windows 7 over symbian any day and i'm not the only one judging by Nokia's performance over the last few years.

Just because someone doesn't agree with you fella, doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about....grow up a bit!

  • TIEK

Unfortunately Nokia always makes huge strategic mistakes and that's why they are loosing it. I have a N8 and I love Nokai products but they need to change management as fast as they can. This 808 wins a premium but won't sell much because is too ugly so the competitors will have time to copy this amazing technology/idea. What's the point? They should have either launched it with a Windows phone or at least have made a proper effort in the industrial design: what about a phone with the same design of the N8 with this amazing camera , a better screen resolution? They would have sold much more I am sure about that. BIG MISTAKE WASTING AN AWARD. Nokia has to sell phones not win awards. Good luck

  • AnonD-4254

Nokia 808 Pureview is dominating the mobile scene, just like Ducati 1199 Panigale is dominating the motorcycles scene...

I mean, both machines are an epic example of the quote "focus on one aspect and then do it like no other".

If I'll go racing, it will be Ducati 1199.
If I'll go mobile photography, it will be 808.

What similarities between these 2 machines! Both are creating storms before their releases... :D

  • AnonD-26727

GDT, 01 Mar 2012@android fans(fans of all companies other than nokia n appl... moreAll I can say is that you're very ignorant thinking about that Samsung is the worst Android maker. I prefer Windows Mobile instead.

  • anonymaas

``no mobile`` would be better than 808, if it was a windows phone and atleast a duel core. its a great smartphone but it could have been the greatest!!

  • Joti

elvinelf, 01 Mar 2012nokia belle - (single core) can run 1080p video INCREDIBLE ... moreThe Nokia 808 have 2 cores. One of them is only dedicated to taking pictures and videos.

  • Anonymous

Stondec, 01 Mar 2012So it has only 16GB of internal storage ehr? How the heck a... moreThe 41mp sensor distills the photos down to 5mp - so what you get in the end is a higher quality 5mp image - I wonder if this is paving the way revolutionary technologies such as the light field camera which would make it possible to do clever stuff like focussing the image after you've taken the photo.

I feel sorry for Nokia there are obviously so many good ideas still in the company. Although Symbian is nearing the end of its life, neither Symbian nor Nokia deserve to be bludgeoned to death by the heavy handed management of a deluded Microsoft fanboy like Stephen Elop

  • SRG

elvinelf, 01 Mar 2012nokia belle - (single core) can run 1080p video INCREDIBLE ... moreActually I guess its the optimization.. Android use dual-core CPU for processing all the stuff the interface and 1080P videos etc. Here what Nokia has done is they have put a separate processor to the Sensor, or to handle the imaging and videos of the phone. GPU does its part too basically the main CPU will do what its supposed to do. This way is more practical than having a dual core to record 1080P

  • GDT

bjorn, 01 Mar 2012for me symbian is d best, u know y? U can compare nokia c5-... moreLyk, i said. U only giv nonsense. R u tellin me dat the loss in netconnectivity is a fault of a phone? N just try comparin the prices of galaxy y n c-500. Pls dont try to display ur ignorance. I do not wish to insult either nokia or symbian, havin used its fones for nearly 6 years. But dats my point! Nearly Every android user has used nokia n symbian for quite sum tym given dat virtually the entire mobile industry belonged to nokia until recent years. So there must b sum reason for a whole hell of a crowd shift towards other brands running android. There's gotta b an advantage in android that made it capture more than half the smartphone market in 2011. The rest of the market gets taken mostly by apple (~35%). The remaining sales r mostly that of wp mainly frm nokia n a bit frm samsung n htc. So if u luv ur phones just njoy them.

  • Iiks

As soon as they showed this, everybody knew that most other phones shown during the congress became irrelevant..

No surprise here. Good job Nokia!

  • Fruitcake

Just hope now that consumers can show to Mr Elop an Nokia that people still Prefer Symbian more than the Restricted Windows,that Mr Elop only chose because he knew is old employees Microsoft were Investing alot money into Nokia because they are Really struggling in the Smartphone market,Symbian is alot better than Windows,an it even made me leave Nokia for the Samsung Galaxy S2 an its alot better Value an Functions than the Lumia 800

  • elvinelf

nokia belle - (single core) can run 1080p video INCREDIBLE

android gingerbread/icecream required (2cores) - to run 1080p video SHAME....LOL

  • iguano

Lex, 01 Mar 2012And here come the insults, really the childish verbal behav... morenokia belle its beautiful, its run wonderful on my 256ram, 256rom n8, i can play hd games fluidly i can take 12mp quickly.

i really dont know why do you talk so blindly like if you know what are you saying.

i see androids and iphones everywhere (my wife have an iphone4) and i dont going to change my symbian soon, i only going to do it when nokia force me to do it, and i think when that moment comes ill gona get my first android. but maybe if i keep reading comments of people like you maybe i going to consider other platform cuz that system makes people stupid or something.

  • iguano

Lex, 01 Mar 2012And here come the insults, really the childish verbal behav... moreso in your experience a 650$ android with 5mp camera is a better device?

i like android, but people like you that talk without any knowledge of what are saying, who defend an OS with more flaws than any other in the market just make me angry.

  • Anonymous

This really the first Nokia camera inventio. 3,5 and 8 MP with 41 MP reslaution WoW.

  • Jay

Lex, 01 Mar 2012You call me pathetic for simply not liking an OS...and then... moreI will say again you don't what you are talking about! You never truly used Symbian3 and did you tried Belle?
Try it then we will have talk later!

  • bjorn

for me symbian is d best, u know y? U can compare nokia c5-00 to galaxy y of samsung in terms of internet browsing, nokia can open less than 10second to browse the website than samsung galaxy y, u nid to wait almost 1 minutes to connect.

  • Lex

Jay, 01 Mar 2012Sure man.....whahahaha just made me laugh! get a break man.You call me pathetic for simply not liking an OS...and then suggest I take a break?!?!?

now that's comedy!