Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro unveiled, have three 40MP cameras between them

19 September 2019
The Mate 30 Pro boasts a 40MP Super Sensing camera (wide) and a 40MP Movie camera (ultra wide).

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Shui8, 19 Sep 2019S4 implementation is unpractical & unreliable, thats wh... moreJust so you know, I hated so very much the Note10 for its lack of improvements vs the Note9 and the stupid compromises that were made. AFAIK that's not just the N10 and the M30 that lack innovation or interesting changes, but like every single phone released this year.

The rest of the M30 series improvements seem to me very very... boring. Faster charging, everyone's doing that now. How long until 1kW wireless charging lol. The SoC is just Huawei's Exynos 9825 with minimal improvements vs the K980.

5x hybrid zoom is still 3x optical + cropping. Doesn't matter if it's "better than the others". It's still misleading.

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Anonymous , 19 Sep 2019I really dont care about this google nonsense anyway.. I do... morethis "Google nonsense" is the developer of Android operating system on mate 30 pro!! without Android Huawei couldn't make even one single smartphone

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someone, 19 Sep 2019do u know anything about camera software or u just look at ... moreIt's not about MP. It's about sensor size. Looks like you are the one who doesn't know anything but pretends to be.

Shui8, 19 Sep 2019That is the problem, most consumers choose the better thing... morewhat better things? lol exytek, GPU Malis, Krillin, features of the Xperia of the past?

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I really dont care about this google nonsense anyway.. I dont use YouTube that often and i can download what apps i use from their store also.. Mneeeh.
Anyway you could install the play store yourself if you really want to

I know this should be about the new Mate, but I just can't help it:
Please tell us more about the innovation Apple is doing with it's charging standards. Or the camera department. Or even design, because their latest product is ugly as hell ...
There may not be a lot of specific innovation on this particular device, but Huawei is actually pushing the boundaries, constantly, and I like and respect that.
Meanwhile Apple has 0 respect for its customers and just keeps it's cattle coming back with it's restrictive ecosystem.

  • Mate30 Brick Edition

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019You can download themYou can't. They don't work without GMS, which you cannot install because of the locked bootloader.
And even if you can, Google, Facebook, Twitter can run a device detection and block it from accessing servers...

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Fintoyu, 19 Sep 2019So, Huawei P30 will have Google Play, Facebook, Youtube ?? ... moreyes its having already. no ban

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Maame Raggae, 19 Sep 2019Huawei just put 40mp ultra wide camera to just blow Dxomark... morelike you are taking photos at 5x constantly. lol dohh

  • Spike

I dont believe anyone with privacy concern will trust a Chinese company. We can't trust ours to trust theirs

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Exyvia, 19 Sep 2019I will admit that the Camera's are innovation, no other man... moreNew Mi MIX has a 1/1.33 sensor.

Xinito27, 19 Sep 2019Only the 4k oled Bravia screen of the Xperia 1 is worth mor... moreThat is the problem, most consumers choose the better things on the rest of the specs rather than just 4k screen.

ProJames-CHM, 19 Sep 2019And the Galaxy S4 has beaten this here and the Pixel 4 at t... moreS4 implementation is unpractical & unreliable, thats why Samsung ditch it. These are new kind of tech, just like Project Soli in Google.

Almost every hardware on Mate 30 are more advance than any phone to date, period. In one phone, it got two large camera sensor, 27w wireless charging, 40w Supercharge out of the box, newest SOC, etc. And about the zoom part, no matter if they call it hybrid (3x optical + 40mp + AI cropping) or anything, its 5x zoom is far better quality than the rest of 5x digital zoom on others, thats a fact.

And i cant wait for the comparison between Mate 30, Note 10, Iphone 11, Pixel 4 reviews when they came out. The way i see it, bad impression from you because this brand is Huawei, not Samsung. I can say exactly the same about S10 & Note 10 if i wanted to, no innovation.

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JokerMNE, 19 Sep 2019Copy this and paste to Sony! Did you hear this Sony - 4.500... moreObviously it needs more battery due to all the crap inside that requires to be powered on. 4500 doesn't mean you will get one third of the battery life compared to Xperia 5. This might last long as Xperia 5 even with bigger battery.

  • Lobasta

This is actually a camera in disguise

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Still 2D fingerprint scanner, No WiFi 6, only 1080p on selfie camera with no PDAF and 1080p screen and 8GB RAM don't worth 1200 euros

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Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019Just Install apk of Google store and you'll be ok. Lol that does not work at all, the core services for Google service is absent in the phone

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Well, cameras actually makes sense.
18mm so no distortion (hopefully)
27mm which is almost 28mm
81mm which is almost 85mm

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My main concern is the compatibility of certain apps.
For example. Will it be able to play Pokemon GO? Even though I don't play the game myself.

Shui8, 19 Sep 2019I came from a lot of Sony Xperia flagship to Huawei. 0 regr... moreOnly the 4k oled Bravia screen of the Xperia 1 is worth more than all the mate 30 pro which is all marketing