OnePlus 8 renders suggest hole-punch selfie cam; wireless charging rumored

03 October 2019
The company’s OnePlus 7T isn’t even available yet.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2019I would love if they brought the headphone jack back. I use... moreYeah I hope that they bring back the audio jack.

  • Anonymous

it all started with the premium phone with minimum price... now it just copy this and copy that and do a lot of advertisement... and increase the product price

I think i will go for ASUS ROG looks awesome and it is a beast inside

Love the Community, 20 Oct 2019I can and I will. I got the RoG Phone II and it'll last me ... moreThe ROG phone is one of a kind, and probably one of the last of it's kind. You could probably keep it for at least 4 years, it's capable

  • Anonymous

TheWildShadow55, 04 Oct 2019There's no avoiding no headphone jack at this pointI would love if they brought the headphone jack back. I use it all the time. Onky thing holding me back from upgrading over the 6

TheWildShadow55, 04 Oct 2019There's no avoiding no headphone jack at this pointI can and I will. I got the RoG Phone II and it'll last me for 3 years. Philippines is overall bad when it comes to mobile data. There's just so many potential spaces for more towers but the landowners refused to add towers on their areas.

  • Toofastfornothing

Oneplus 9 is coming in Christmas time, can't wait ;》

  • Toofastfornothing

Where is oneplus 9?? I meant op8 is too old already, will wait for the 9.

OP8 would be a disaster if it goes with 20:9 display. when width decreases browsing suffers. 19:9 is perfect. we dont need 6.7 inch display. 6.4" is more than enough.

  • Anonymous

Punch hole camera & wireless charging means it will be IP Certified.

I dont understand how can they be so incredibly stupid and compare it with the 7pro??
Oneplus made the pro line as the premium line, like all the other companies, the premium line has more premium features, thus being more expensive and a larger size.
This should be compared with the 7T and expected to have similar features, price and dimensions. If you want to keep the price down, you must make some compromises, so no pop up camera to have a bazeless front, they started with an Apple notch on 6, a smaller teardrop on 6T and the obvious next step is this hole.
The 7pro is light years ahead and they are not stupid to make such a backstep and ruin the full screen experience that made it such a success, even implying that is an insult!

I hope OnePlus' 8 dimensions are correct, as 160 & 72 from 7 Pro's 162 & 75 are big improvement in terms of form factor & ergonomics.

  • Gusta

Whackcar, 04 Oct 2019What the F happened to OP7T Pro?Crazy movement on releasing the latest SoC flagship phone which using SD855+ but not on top tier range mobile phone. Same like Xiaomi on releasing Redmi K20 Pro Premium. What a long name and how stupid Redmi class using the latest SoC instead of MIX 4. The latest most powerfull Android flagship phone now should using SD855+. On this case, OnePlus Pro 7T and MIX 4. Just like Asus, Meizu, and Nubia on releasing their latest flagship (ROG Phone II, 16s Pro, and Z2).

Punch-hole selfie camera and curved edge screen - double abomination combo. Did they lost their minds?

  • Anonymous

Apart from jacking up the price it looks like Oneplus has... settled.

  • Anonymous

Jb, 04 Oct 2019If the Oneplus 8 will have that screen and selfie camera I ... morenow a days one no plus

Punch Hold Camera....? backdate....

Need Water Curve Display in LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, BOTTOM side. It’s a very very Update styl..

  • Sandy

Company should work towards launching more compact phones in the display size of 5'5 to 5'8 rather that drastically increasing the phone sizes..people really want to ourchase new launch phones. But they restrict themselves due to the large screens. Please work towards launching compact phones with best feathers rather than increasing the sizes.

Im not sure either my eyes blinking too slow, or the technology way too fast developing nowadays :’D

  • nwa

Rav, 04 Oct 2019This looks like oneplus 7t pro and not oneplus 8.exactly

  • Anonymous

Pop up camera was better . Not this