Flashback: Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its price

07 October 2019
That's largely because the price was as low as we've seen on smartphones - it started at $100 and regularly went for around $50.

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  • Sam

Exactly 11 days after the warranty was over, the phone's motherboard failed resulting in a dead phone.

  • Anonymous

a, 07 Oct 2019I miss Lumia phones....Very badly. I miss that deep black theme. Unique swipe left right navigation experience. WP 7, 8, 8.1 after that it lost its UI uniqueness.

  • Anonymous

Abhi-Darth-Plagueis, 07 Oct 2019Any OS in a pocketable device bearing a name of windows, is... moreIs it? How this particular thing was different from Android & iOS?

  • a

I miss Lumia phones....

  • Anonymous

If it was Samsung which had got success like nokia lumia initial models got they would have made it 3rd major OS. Sadly nokia & Microsoft both were ignorant to the future, trends & public demand.

  • Anonymous

Had potential, bad apps and too slow to catch on

  • Anonymous

Still hoping for an N9-style phone where the entire black panel at the front is the screen.

Any OS in a pocketable device bearing a name of windows, is doomed to fail until it can run x86/win32 apps natively.

  • TheArtist

Nokia needs to be back. The original Nokia, not some licencee like HMD Global Oy. A much better resource efficient Operating System for smartphones needs to be developed.

Aah memories! My first smartphone was a Lumia 525. It felt so unique at that time in a world amidst HTCs and Samsung galaxy grands.
Sadly lost it after it didn't boot up when I woke it up an year later.

  • Anonymous

Yes. It was an awesome phone for its price. My brother used it for almost 4years before switching to nokia 6.1+
The windows Phone 10 update & Microsoft's attitude of proving that windows Phone can run on low end hardware ruined windows Phone league. Windows Phone 10 was Full of bugs. They denied giving better hardware. Only high end phones had better internals but batey was weakest part.
For example Lumia 830 had better design, better camera but guess what a very poor snapdragon 4xx series processor and price was $400.
The blame is totally on MS & nokia for denying the hardware advancement and Apple like pricing.