Flashback: Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its price

07 October 2019
That's largely because the price was as low as we've seen on smartphones - it started at $100 and regularly went for around $50.

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When I first left Android in favour of Windows Phone in July 2016, my first ever Windows Phone device was the Nokia Lumia 830. It only has 1GB RAM and Snapdragon 400 chipset. And yet even when I upgraded the phone to run Windows 10 Mobile, it was miles smoother than my previous Android phone that also has 1GB of RAM. Even my dad's old Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 3GB RAM and Exynos 5433 chipset running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow isn't as smooth as the Lumia. And now in 2021, I'm still daily driving Windows 10 Mobile with my current Lumia 950 that I bought back in September 2020. I have the old Samsung Note 4 now completely deGoogled and running Havoc-OS Android 10 custom ROM, but that is merely for WhatsApp and mobile home entertainment. Even after Microsoft had officially stopped supporting Windows 10 Mobile since early 2020, I'm still not going to ditch that third mobile OS.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Uvvuv, 13 Apr 2020WP has no Apps& games. Lol.I used it until banking apps stopped working... :<

  • Jpkings

I had one of those wonderful phones, although was limited, the performance was much better than many Android phones, camera was really nice for its price, I used to prefer WP over Android for many reasons. I still miss the live tiles and metro style, having a phone like the Nokia 520 was one of the best choices I have ever made, of course with a limited budget

  • Uvvuv

WP has no Apps& games. Lol.

  • Anonymous

It was so bad it was almost funny using on a trail daily basis. Glad I accidently dropped it , twice.

  • Anonymous

It took ages to do anything other than make a call or send a sms ! adding a new keyboard took absolute ages.... Dont miss it AT ALL !

  • Sandy

orlo, 03 Nov 2019Last week my Lumia 930 died at the age of 4 years and 10 mo... moreRIP lumia930

  • orlo

Matjazz, 09 Oct 2019Lumia 520 was the first smatphone that I kept. Before that ... moreLast week my Lumia 930 died at the age of 4 years and 10 months. It does not want to charge anymore. That was the phone I loved the most. No lag, no bugs, clear and bright screen, nice camera, downloadable YouTube without adds. Downsize: Weak battery and some awful apps (like Facebook). Still using my 640 which has some lag and some reboots, and it is just four and a half year old. Microsoft, I will never forgive you for letting us upset. Now I have to choose between android and ios. Which one do I hate less?

  • Mykl

I absolutely loved this phone. It had its limitations but it was the best bang for your buck back then.

Well for many people a windows phone were great i think the windows in phone were fail.
To me its was complicated and difficult to use but i wont judge becaue i was trying to avoid windows phones no matter what.

  • whome

WP is great.. love it.. i used Lumia 720, the camera is amazing, navigation got 3D maps, Sync easiest(compare to blackberry iphone or android) with my office outlook. one thing make me change is the official browser, and we can not install any other browser.. while you know how the official browser do..

  • Jimmy Q

I still have this POS phone in my drawer. It couldn't even load basic apps without choking, so I dunno why everyone keeps praising it?
Even the facebook lite app that was released on it was a pain to use, or whatsapp which didn't even auto sync was crap.
What's worse is my Xperia 10 mini (which was one of the first Xperia phones with android) was and still is faster than this phone in EVERY category, including cameras. And that phone is from 2010

  • Anonymous

Nokia Lumia windows phone is legendary

  • Matjazz

Lumia 520 was the first smatphone that I kept. Before that I tried three androids, sold each one after a month and went back to dumb phone. After 520 I got Lumia 920 which still works today and I'll never forgive Microsoft for quitting.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

p , 08 Oct 2019I miss the good old windows phone UI. Just imagine a Snapdr... moreDownload a Windows phone launcher? Many of them on the Google Play Store. :D

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Windows phone was amazingly better optimized, kinda like iOS but more tiles...

  • Nasir

Still I miss my Lumia...

  • 820 lumia

Had lumia 820 for 2 years this OS didn't had apps, you had download 3rd party apps to get pretty common apps. meanwhile Microsoft released their own apps for Android ios, but not to their own os... They killed their own OS!!!

  • Gee

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019This is quite short-sighted. Many people use the argument t... moreWell said Sir.

  • p

I miss the good old windows phone UI. Just imagine a Snapdragon 855 with windows, Smoothe