Flashback: Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its price

07 October 2019
That's largely because the price was as low as we've seen on smartphones - it started at $100 and regularly went for around $50.

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I had the Nokia 925 and I loved it. Great battery life and I loved the Windows interface. It was innovative if nothing else - I would probably still have it if Windows had stayed in the game. I have Blackberry Keyone now and I have an app that simulates the Windows launcher.

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019"with a buttery smooth UI" I had this phone and it's UI ... moreI am not what "buttery smooth" means but I always liked the tile interface of windows phones.

  • AnonD-819322

Walter C. Dornez, 07 Oct 2019Damn, I still have my 520, but forgot the password and I do... morePretty sure there are ways to retrieve your data, search it up.

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2019"with a buttery smooth UI" I had this phone and it's UI ... moreI'd be curious where you heard that from. Windows Phone was by far the most smooth UI I'd experienced in its time, and I've tried high end phones with every modern phone OS.

  • Goutham K

I am guessing that new Nokia will not replace that Nokia which we loved...............

  • Anonymous

"with a buttery smooth UI"

I had this phone and it's UI was never "buttery smooth".

  • Dara

you try to wake dead phone , ..

  • flower

oh, yeah, winphone was an amazing OS

To be honest I still haven't forgiven Microsoft for quiting on Windows mobile. The smoothness, flawless and unique experience was really futuristic.
Why the hell can't the windows RT, 8 or S be giving the ability to make and receive calls?
Really sad, I need explanations

  • Anonymous

Smooth Ui..just for some stupid tiles..hmm

Back then...the world was black and white in color...

  • Anonymous

Me and my family loved our Lumia 520's. Smooth and good battery life; decent camera too. Love the dedicated camera button. Ultimately, I had to move to Android due to lack of Windows mobile apps.

  • wetfu

my 520 just got bricked all of a sudden,, but the audio output from this device was phenomenal

I owned three Windows Phones.

2011 - Samsung Focus
2015 - Nokia Lumia 635
2016 - Microsoft Lumia 640

I don't miss Windows Phone at all. No Dasher app to do DoorDash, no thanks. The app selection was atrocious. It was a fluid UI compared to Android like six years ago. But I put more importance to apps than fluidity.

My 640 had an excellent camera for a $30 phone though. I do sorta miss that one because it also had one of the best receptions I ever had. Nokia is a master in that area. Still, I'm happy with my Android phones.

  • FreedaBees

I have a 720 and still use it with HERE Maps for GPS navigation in my car. It's better than the 520 because the screen is larger and brighter and it has greater battery endurance.

  • GreekGeek

Microsoft made a Terrible mistake !
A closed ecosystem and the lack of a more complex / in depth customization and a proper file manager as well as a more Smart / PC approach.

  • Anonymous

someone, 07 Oct 2019And it had 200% lesser apps than any android phone half of ... moreThis is quite short-sighted. Many people use the argument that Android and iOS have x.y million apps. Come on folks - count the apps on your phone. And then count the options - usable options - to them in the respective store. What would be the result? Tens of actively used apps and maybe a few hundred to low thousands of apps you would be willing to use? Just a poor guess but might not be too far from truth. Plus: How often have you seen a headline "xyz thousand apps in Windows Store are scam, collect your data, steal your money?" Again, compare with the "superior mobile OSs" ;)
I don't want to rant, just remind that Windows phones weren't - and aren't - that bad. Just last week I've met two of my friends who still use their Lumias - a 520 and a 650. They aren't receiving any more updates but they have received them for much longer than many Android phones. My own 730 DS is still in a very good shape and just to say - I just admire that OLED even after those years with the phone. Iphone 6s? Maybe snappier, more metallish, a tad thinner - but way more slippery and with inferior blacks :D (but I actually like the form factor as it seems to be the new archetype of compact phone for 2020 :P)
Don't damn Windows phones. They are good. They have flaws. But to be honest - there's not a perfect one. They are just some small sophisticated bricks made to appeal to people and to make them want more. Try to admit it ;)

The best Lumia phone despite it being a budget phone? I think so. It was cheap, smooth , well built and colorful. This phone rocked the budget smartphone segment and changed it into perhaps the most popular segment of smartphones.

  • Carol

someone, 07 Oct 2019And it had 200% lesser apps than any android phone half of ... moreYoup, 200% less crapp android had and still has.

  • someone

And it had 200% lesser apps than any android phone half of its price .. lmao !!!!!