Flashback: Nokia Lumia 520 was smoother than any Android twice its price

07 October 2019
That's largely because the price was as low as we've seen on smartphones - it started at $100 and regularly went for around $50.

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  • someone

And it had 200% lesser apps than any android phone half of its price .. lmao !!!!!

  • Bewildered

galaxyS15, 07 Oct 2019Windows mobile gives me nightmares when I think about my lu... moreI love Windows, Maps which no one had offline and anti virus

So all phone manufacturers had a Windows Phone WP 7 single core with no memory expansion ( What brand still had no memory expansion?)

Microsoft took an age and a day to release the major update Windows Phone 8 multi core with memory expansion

Windows Phone 10 was the death of Microsoft cell phone venture.

WP 10 beta testing on Windows Phone 8 devices crashed every model, indicating a major fla

Instead of pulling the plug Microsoft released it to run on the flagship Lumia 950 & 950 Xl

(Windows phone 8 viable and working, Microsoft updated WP8 multiple times, that should have been the OS on the 950 & 950 XL and updating it that way.

Windows Phone 10 essentially is imo malware, Microsoft stopped selling all WP10 devices as new sales added to the complaint base.

Windows Phone 10 if it could have been fixed it would have, two years of trying and even having the added incentive of Hewlett Packard releasing a flagship phone was not enough

If Windows Phone ever came back Windows Phone 8 OS would be at its core, we have the ridiculous situation that you can't stream music to a Windows phone from OneDrive

And. and the Surface Phone Dual Screen on Android

Lumia 650 is it's modern day bargain now

  • Andrew

Still the BEST!!!

  • Anonymous

I am a windows mobile fan .l just love these all models .used Lubmia 1320, 1520 .best models as on date . But due to non availability, I had to switchover to android with regret .

  • Maddy

Sud, 07 Oct 2019I am still using Lumia 730 dual SIM since 4 yrs, no any iss... moreIm still using nokia 730 better than any Android version ... With windows 10 only thing is they did nt develop good apps which is in android platform

Sud, 07 Oct 2019I am still using Lumia 730 dual SIM since 4 yrs, no any iss... morebut i heard by end of dec 2019 it is over right?

  • Hemu

Really world's best smartphones of windows phone ..I love very much


  • mohammad sam

I'm still using Lumia 950XL. This phone is really good, and smooth, and it got better since I deployed Windows 10 arm on it.

  • Anonymous

True windows phone is faster than low end Android but full off updates.

  • midnightmasha69

i just refurbished and fixed this phone actually works nice

  • Sud

I am still using Lumia 730 dual SIM since 4 yrs, no any issues at all. Love the OS.

  • Carol

Good OS, sadly Microsoft decided to kill nokia then the os it self, cause why not?

  • Carol

5T, 07 Oct 2019Yeap, with some flat squares and notifications, how could it not?Yeah, right, because an OS is made only out of an interface...

  • Sayon

Still had one. Very nice phone. Loves the windows UI. Its very sad that windows mobile hasn't got the love from stupid people...

galaxyS15, 07 Oct 2019Windows mobile gives me nightmares when I think about my lu... moreThen probably a fly in your room gives you nightmares also. OR you never had 950XL.

  • Rocker

Being a windows phone fan those days this was the phone I recommend to my non techy friends and I made 9 of them buy this one 520 and some other mid range phone if my memory is right 720. I was so sure about windows phone becoming the second biggest platform after Android and a true force in the smartphone market. But alas it never happened.

  • Abhi

Yes i agree also and my thoughts are same the NOKIA WOULD remember its own glory

  • Anonymous

My first ever smartphone in 2013 and now a iphone user. So nice. I still have a L535. My 520 was broken bootable option error.

  • hmm

My second smartphone and still use it as a backup phone. Best size on body for me. Would fitt 5in in it would be even nicer and on android