Weekly poll results: Surface Duo excites, but leaves many questions unanswered

13 October 2019
Microsoft showed a prototype and said that specs might change before the late 2020 launch.

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  • GBS

And here I thought that dual 5.6 screens seem a little small. Still looking forward to it though.

  • Tom

Anna, 14 Oct 2019Not sure why MS had put calling facility in this thing! This is ... moreYou can agree that someone who buys a device as different as this one, is probably changing the way they use a smartphone. For example, assuming that single hand use isn,t going to happen, or that phone calls will be managed mainly by wireless earplugs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019I don't understand why Microsoft is using Google Android OS on t... moreNo.

Anna, 14 Oct 2019Not sure why MS had put calling facility in this thing! This is ... morewhy not? a phone connection is always nice to have.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019I don't understand why Microsoft is using Google Android OS on t... moreno

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why Microsoft is using Google Android OS on the Surface Duo, i would of expected them to use the new OS WIndows 10X and emulate android apps via emulation.

Do you agree wouldn't that be a better approach?

  • Anna

Not sure why MS had put calling facility in this thing! This is not a smartphone. We can call it foldable tablet or micro laptop. It can be used for handling social media, multimedia, web browsing etc. at home, in office or while traveling.

  • 46xy

But where's the Camera ?
Call should be received without opening the phone .

What makes the Surface Duo appealing compared to other hybrids is it's Microsoft finally giving in to Google and using Android. This device could've been released back in 2013-2014. And I think Windows makes a better desktop/tablet OS while Android works better on smartphones.

It's marrying Microsoft and Google while we get the best of both worlds. At "5.6, it's probably easy to hold with one hand when folded back in smartphone form. This is the device to get for me in 2020. We're better off when the makers of Windows and Android are teaming up compared to leaving it to a third-party like ASUS

I've watch that video about the Surface Duo several times. This is the gamechanger. The one many of us will buy next year for Surface / Galaxy Note users because of its polish. Something all foldable displays lack right now as their plastic displays are very fragile.


2020 device to get -
Microsoft Surface Duo

  • Fz

Ghia, 13 Oct 2019Does it have Cortana?I will have. Cortana works on android phones although limited features.

  • hanifbhutto

Microsoft should resume windows mobile, windows pocket PCs / PDAs were first form of today's smart phones , windows 7, 8 and 10 phones were updated polished but not focused on mobile apps market / entertainment of users.

  • X

I think people do not get it right. It is a two screen device, in the same way as you may be using two monitors with your desktop pc. It is a huge boost in productivity (those that use such systems understand what I am taking about). What it is not, is not a folding display with one huge screen made with two parts. You will not want to watch videos on it, or maximize one window to both displays. You will want to properly multitask with it.

Surface Duo might actually be my next phone. Or maybe a successor of it released in 2021 or so. I'm pretty content with my trio of smartphones released from 2016-2018. Most upgrades aren't really worth it after 2-3 years.

I think many smartphones released within the last 3.5 years can hold up well after 5 years or so. Just change the battery after 2-3 years and you should be good to go using it for another 2-3 years.

People are just wasting money on tech junk that literally becomes tech junk after 5 years. Chasing for a higher number when the differences are miniscule.

I think the concept is fantastic even though I'm not a fan of Microsoft but I am huge fan of Steve Ballmer owning my LA Clippers. This Android/Windows hybrid idea was actually started by ASUS like 5-6+ years ago though.

The idea of a Surface tablet/laptop turning into a Android smartphone works for me. And then you can protect their displays when closed. Just get rid of some of the bezels and they have a winner in their hands.

  • Ghia

Does it have Cortana?

  • Maki

Will be good enough for reading e-books but nothing else. Totally nonsensical to be used as a phone. Split screens with wide rims in between good for nothing, though may be handy for multitasking (for which larger devices are far better). And many more half-baked badly thought-through ideas. Not revolutionary at all.

  • Anonymous

Kevin T, 13 Oct 2019lol can't you watch movies on a single screen like you do on you... moreNotice how he said multitasking, like playing games while watching movies and not single tasking like watching movies only.

  • Anonymous


Because they fired their whole Windows QA staff and turned their customers as beta testers.

Anti-Clark, 13 Oct 2019Is it the surface moniker or the ugly ondroid OS for bigger Walk... moreVery ugly is the iOS nor the Android.