Kuo: iPhone SE 2 will start at $399

14 October 2019
The upcoming affordable iPhone is expected to be a key growth driver for Apple in 2020.

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Aadrian , 14 Oct 2019iPhone SE2 with a, in the time it will be released, a 6 yea... moreWow, “only need to upgrade the core hardware” - as if the housing is the difficult and expensive part! LOL

Popy, 14 Oct 2019Enjoy ur iphone se2 with 4.7" screen,huge bezels in 2020 lo... morejust took a look at the wheels of my car. damn it ... we are in 2019 and they are still round, same like the wheels of a few thousand years ago...

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Popy, 14 Oct 2019Enjoy ur iphone se2 with 4.7" screen,huge bezels in 2020 lo... moreSome people like bezels and finger print scanner don’t need small bezels

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Popy, 14 Oct 2019Enjoy ur iphone se2 with 4.7" screen,huge bezels in 2020 lo... moreAre you automatically fanboy if you buy what do you like or what do you need?

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CptPower, 14 Oct 2019According to the analyst the second-gen iPhone SE is coming... moreYou cannot compare chinese brands with apple. iPhone will never will be in same price level as Chinese brands, it is not their goal.
Also it is impossible because of marketing expenses, salaries etc.
And most important (not sure how is it in your country) is apple custumer service. I would always pay a bit more just to get good service and not worry that I will be without phone for a while if something will happen.

Enjoy ur iphone se2 with 4.7" screen,huge bezels in 2020 lol!
Fanboys stay away

399$?! For a phone with chipset that's more powerful than Snapdragon 855+? And most of all, in a compact body?

I'd be absolutely shocked if it were true. It would most likely be my first Apple device.

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Mate 30 killer

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Why couldn't it have iPhone 11's design?

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So basically an iPhone 8s and not even close to SE........
Great, I think I will pass.
Use the SE body and give it full screen. The compact size is the money.

2020 will be in the mist of a revolution. The timing for this SE 2 isn't practical. The foldable displays will only mature. More dual displays. Getting basically an iPhone 8 design with the 11-series internals will not look smart in the long run and some folks will end up getting held back.

This SE 2 is really for the old or stubborn who don't like change or the poorer folks and cheapskates. They want to have the 5S design forever and ever. But next year's tech could define the rest of the decade. Going back to 2.5-year-old chasis is thinking backwards. Not willing to move forward.

It's up to them. It's their money. I got my SE at half the price over a year later. I wouldn't be shocked by May 2021, the SE 2 goes for $200 too. And under $100-$130 during the 2021 and 2022 Black Fridays. I loved my SE when I initially got it. Then like most Apple products I've owned, I started to hate it as time went on. It's always good in the beginning before a sour taste at the end.

Apple products = green apple sour powers

My eyes are set on the Surface Duo. I want to type and play games like I'm holding a Nintendo DS. No need for a kickstand. The next generation form factor is really the Surface Duo. The Galaxy Fold and Mate X don't have it. Foldable displays just aren't ready at this time. While Apple will charge you another $400 to be stuck in the past.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 14 Oct 20194.7" is hardly compact! OwOscrean size today is not a factor in compactness its bazelless design that make an impact.you can put a 4.7 inch screen in iphone 5 body.if you try of course

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2019First of all, i am far from apple fanboy, i personaly would... moreHe is just a person who hates on apple. A13 bionic is powerful enough to handle high graphic games even my ipxr can run any game with zero lag.

The "5.4 iPhone 12 is the one to get next year if you want a similar size to the 8 but with the X design. I'll be more interested getting a Sony PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Surface Duo next year though. Two screens is better than one. The Surface Duo reminds people of the Nintendo DS and 3DS but that design comes from Nintendo's own Game & Watch series back in the early-1980s.

This SE2/8S is a good deal getting an A13 chip for $300 less than an iPhone 11. Might even get the main rear camera of the 11. For me, I want the gestures and X/XS/11 design. I want Face ID and USB-C. People will be stuck using Lightning Connector for the next 3-4 years like the ones purchasing any iPhone 11 variant.

You are more future-proof if you wait on the "5.4 iPhone 12. Purchasing an iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / SE 2 would be like if someone bought a PlayStation 4 Slim or Pro a year before the PlayStation 5 gets released. Save your money.

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[deleted post]First of all, i am far from apple fanboy, i personaly would never buy an iPhone as i dont like ios. And secondly, how is a13 at 399 average spec?

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But big, without the latest sensors. Something slightly smaller than the original SE with full screen is best.

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a12,2gb ram,64g-no 13,no 3gb ram

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CptPower, 14 Oct 2019According to the analyst the second-gen iPhone SE is coming... moreThis is competitor for pixel 3a, it eats that alive in its sleep.....400 is really an amazing price for that power. Now if only OS could do mirroring to android TV....

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Apple is clearly moving their business from hardware to software. Clever. As chinese manufacturer cant compete in this field with apple, no matter how hard they try

Apple 03/2020 lineup at base price:

Apple iPhone 8 = $449
Apple iPhone SE 2 = $499
Apple iPhone 8+ = $549
Apple iPhone XR = $599
Apple iPhone 11 = $699
Apple iPhone 11 Pro = $999
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max = $1,099

SE 2 is priced exactly as its predecessor but better value now that it starts at 64GB and other specs bump. It seems like Apple has filled a lot more options based on price for the customers although X, XS and XS Max are missing which would have been nice if Apple managed to slot it in.