Samsung reportedly considers Ultra Thin Glass for its next foldable phone, a clamshell

16 October 2019
UTG is more scratch resistant than the material used in the current Galaxy Fold. However, it's expensive and difficult to manufacture.

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  • Anonymous

mumbaikan, 16 Oct 2019Bored with this things... Make launch and surprise us.. don... moreYou'd rather moan about the finished project instead of getting excited about new tech and how it /will/ be applied, that's why. This is a mobile tech news site, not pitchfork for mobile junkies

  • AnonD-784107

Forget foldable phones for £1800 i.m.o why not make a phone with a decent battery and camera. S10 is perfect but would nice to have say a 3 or 4 day battery life.

  • PulllShish

"scratch at level human grain, with deeper grooves at new born poop."

  • EM

I gotta say, the idea of glass shattering when a finger nail scratches it is a hundred times more dangerous than the plastic sheet on the fold that gets scratched.
Hope they have a shatter proof sheet over it or something, like how Sony did it for a long time.

Bored with this things... Make launch and surprise us.. dont just show prototypes and irritate us.

  • Pho.

scratch at level "nails" with deeper at level "knife"..