Google Pixel 4 face unlock worryingly works even when your eyes aren't open

17 October 2019
This can be a privacy issue.

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Shadocx, 21 Oct 2019When did I say it's the 1st time Google had Face unlock? Fa... moreFace unlock, Face ID, etc etc.... 3D or 2D, does it matter? 1st time? The technology is not new dude. And able to unlock with eyes closed is a joke! That is not an excuse. What's the point with all these Apple links? So Google is going to repeat after Apple mistakes? Apple made mistakes because at that time the Face ID technology was still immature in 2017. This is 2019 FYI in case you are still living in the past. Your problem is you are too into Google Pixel.

  • Mofi

And does that make me want the ugly pixel??? NO

thada2607, 18 Oct 2019He said that the pixel 4 is bad, not the whole company with... moreAhhhhh... Google is only good on a Chinese communist phone...
Google alone is bad...
Vive la China!

CrunchLife, 21 Oct 2019Ya sure.... every tech has the same excuse..... first time ... moreWhen did I say it's the 1st time Google had Face unlock? Face ID is 3D, Face unlock is 2D, so what's your problem?

Shadocx, 18 Oct 2019Dude, it's the 1st time Google try Face ID, every manufactu... moreYa sure.... every tech has the same excuse..... first time blah blah blah.... C'mon dude! Apple already has the tech! So do the Chinese makers! First time for Face unlock for Google?! Nice try.... Secured face unlock is already a matured tech now. And Face ID unlocking with eyes closed?! Now that's the very first indeed! HA!

All jealous partners rejoice, all cheating partners will use iPhones.

  • sopa

Americans are making the big brother. Control over people.

  • paul

Yes, The Americans again show us that they really care about our privacy.

So much more then the Chinese

Great, so if I bought Google Pixel 4 - my girlfriend would be able to go through my texts each time I fall asleep...

But, lucky for me, I use Samsung, and have Secure folder feature too :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019No, you are being dense. We are talking about a very conce... moreIf you didn't understand my original post, please read it again: Google or Apple's Face ID are technological developments better used elsewhere. They are solutions to problems that don't exist or problems that have a vastly cheaper (fingerprint scanner) alternative. They are SECONDARY to a secure password that doesn't get recycled. And no, adding a notch to incorporate a stupid face scanner just to justify a price increase or to push sales of a new product doesn't make sense. Again, you're splitting hairs between two technologies that are largely the same and that are better used elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019Look, you're splitting hairs. Fingerprint ID, IRIS scan, Fa... moreNo, you are being dense. We are talking about a very concerning Google release, not Apple or your biased and ignorant opinions. Samsung had blink detection way back on the GS5, five and a half years later Pixel doesn’t even try to verify that you are alive?

People are lazy; if they are not protecting state secrets or the like they will use whatever is convenient and reasonably secure. This is almost universal and platform agnostic. This does not mean they do not have sensitive information that could be exploited (ex. bank balance, childs name, picture, school and activities schedule).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019Samsung did it fast, but buggy. Huawei did it fast, but no... moreLol Apple face unlock is easy to fool. Check videos on YouTube

  • Gaz

This is probably for the government tbh. Can’t force people to unlock with fingerprint.

  • Anonymous

Isn't Samsung adding the feature to unlock only if your eyes are open for Android 10? Yet Google has all these fancy sensors and it unlocks when they're closed? Seems counterintuitive...

  • Noel

mwb1957, 18 Oct 2019This entire topic is stupid. While sleeping take a perso... moreYup both fingerprint and face unlock without eye blink can be accessed while u are sleeping and that is a BIG problem. I wish there could be a way to prevent that. Maybe there can be a way to program the phone to only unlock using patterns or passwords at certain periods of ur chosing.

  • eLL Mobile

This is supposed to be a good thing?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019What an asinine rant. It is very easy to put someones fing... moreLook, you're splitting hairs. Fingerprint ID, IRIS scan, Face ID, etc. are SECONDARY and actually vastly LESS IMPORTANT than a difficult to guess, unique, and secure password that do not get recycled from one online account to another. Which, naive iphone users don't know about. All they know is that Apple said face ID is 'more secure' than fingerprint so never mind if they recycle passwords or use easy to guess alphanumeric ones with no uppercase/lowercase combo and special characters. Also, because Apple said iphones are secure and safari is secure so they should not have problems frequenting torrent sites and porn sites. There and you claim eyes open or closed matters much. Get real. Fingerprint does the same for so much less.

  • AnonF-85937

Google always making weird decisions. Glad my iPhone has a far more secure FaceID, and I have set it up to require my attention before unlocking.

  • AnonF-85937

mwb1957, 18 Oct 2019This entire topic is stupid. While sleeping take a perso... moreThe difference here is that for Face Unlock you DONT have to touch a person, you literally just hold the phone up to their face. Stop being stupid, this is terrible and worse than having to use someone’s finger and planting it firmly on a Fingerprint Scanner.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2019Eyes open or closed, it doesn't matter. Face unlock is a so... moreWhat an asinine rant. It is very easy to put someones finger onto a sensor without their consent. They do not need be conscious, or conceivably even alive at the time. Similarly with Googles dangerous current face unlock implementation.