Google Pixel 4 face unlock worryingly works even when your eyes aren't open

17 October 2019
This can be a privacy issue.

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Great news for Google..
At least there are no stripes on the screen,no waterfall of colours flowing over the screen,you no longer have to blow air into microphone to work..

  • Anonymous

Eyes open or closed, it doesn't matter. Face unlock is a solution to a problem that never existed. Waste of technological knowledge. Just because it can be done doesn't mean manufacturers should move away from alternative log in methods that are as secure or even more secure but cost so much less to implement. It's utterly stupid to claim you'll be more secure with Face ID over fingerprint because APPLE said so while all the while your icloud account got hacked because the only thing you know about security is face ID whilst having an easily guessable password that you recycle and reuse for all your online accounts while frequenting risky torrent and porn sites at the same time. So what's next Google and Apple, enable nose open-close so that nobody can unlock your iphone or pixel 4 while you're sleeping or daydreaming?

Luxor, 18 Oct 2019Idk what with US brand have against fingerprint sensor. Eit... moreYa honestly half the time I use a pin code haha

  • The truth hurts

Even the Chinese spy Huawei m20pro requires eye contact option available.

Vegetaholic, 18 Oct 2019Thank youNo need to thank me, because that's what heroes do.

  • mwb1957

This entire topic is stupid.

While sleeping take a person's phone, touch the sleeping persons finger and you are in.

thada2607, 18 Oct 2019He said that the pixel 4 is bad, not the whole company with... moreThank you

  • Anonymous

Vegetaholic, 18 Oct 2019Pixel 4 is disgrace to phone world and should not be bought... more(Translated: I do not like the Pixel 4 and as such nobody else should buy it.)

dumbest thing. I guess they did that to speed up face unlock as the reviews are telling it is insanely fast.

  • John Weak

imRGZ, 18 Oct 2019Google maintains its tradition of New Pixels and New Issues.Funny but what you said is true.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019They can still force your eyes open. Or Grab your uncoopera... moreHow does one force an unconscious person’s eyes open, and have their pupils focus on a screen, without obstructioning the 3D surface map? No fingerprint reader, so they can’t resort to that.

  • Schnellson

[deleted post]Theyve got a week to patch it before the phone even comes out, I wouldn't worry

Google maintains its tradition of New Pixels and New Issues.

From beginning of this tech i am saying this is an useless gimmicj fingerprint reader or convienant password is a lot better.
But they still spending billions to research in this technology even if is complete useless.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019"This can become an obvious issue as people around you (a n... moreAll phone unlocked can be hacked.

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 18 Oct 2019Not so awesome as with Samsung. You don't have to be even p... moreThat’s because Samsung using 2D not 3D. Unfortunately even under display fingerprint scanner can be hacked with easy.

  • Anonymous

ain, 18 Oct 2019garbage design, garbage security, garbage pricing.What do you spect from google cheap build and material.

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  • Anonymous

"This can become an obvious issue as people around you (a nosy spouse or child or friend) could unlock your phone just by pointing it at your face while you're sleeping"

oh yes, lets go back to fingerprint reader, then someone could also unlock your phone too by putting your finger to it while you're sleeping.. so, it's also not that secure.. maybe we should go back to pattern lock or password

Dolanescu, 18 Oct 2019yes... everything made by google is bad... and you probably... moreHe said that the pixel 4 is bad, not the whole company with all their products, who stepped on your tail?