Google Pixel 4 face unlock worryingly works even when your eyes aren't open

17 October 2019
This can be a privacy issue.

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  • Anonymous

And the pixel-issues start again. While many other brands deliver great phones without gimmicky features you buy into mini radar tech with insecurity face scanning and no batterylife, a 90hz screen that turns to 60hz to save the small battery....for just 800$...I'd rather advice you to buy an iphone or any other android phone right now. At least don't buy it for full price and wait 6 months. This phone is worth 400$ at best.

Vegetaholic, 18 Oct 2019Pixel 4 is disgrace to phone world and should not be bought... moreyes... everything made by google is bad... and you probably use everything that googles made because are the best(form Chrome and Youtube to Maps...)...

stupid google... you can't do a good thing =)))))

  • Gary

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019Face unlock and even fingerprint readers are not good secur... moreAnything you have to enter on the screen in order to unlock is ridiculously unsafe. One look over your shoulder is enough. Claiming this to be safer than an actual fingerprint is simply a false belief.
Btw, a phrase everytime you unlock your phone? Holy moly, I'd rather stop using a phone instead...

  • Jazz

Vegetaholic, 18 Oct 2019Pixel 4 is disgrace to phone world and should not be bought... moreGood input, thanks.

GsmArena give us a break. As if while you are asleep your close people cannot use your fingers to unlock it. Pffff

  • hmm

Face unlock and fingerprint are safe as long as your are not hacked and your face image and fingerprint image isnt stolen. Making them on your phone it's first step for you of this security you need that nobody will steal it or soft companies that made them are not hacked leak out millions of these pictures for either face or fingerprint. Some time ago this year was already a news where 2 million of fingerprints leaked to internet from some fingerprint reader software company that got hacked.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019Face unlock and even fingerprint readers are not good secur... moreOr you could use two factor authentication for unlocking your device. You never know if someone saw you typing in your passphrase or so.

  • 123

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019Right.. And you can't use the fingerprint scanner on someon... moreat least chances to wake him up are much bigger

Pixel 4 is disgrace to phone world and should not be bought by anyone

  • Anonymous

worst look, poor memory

  • Anonymous

Face unlock and even fingerprint readers are not good security anyway. They are open to all kinds of abuse. They are really just convenience features for people who want nominal security. If you really care about the security of your phone, you shouldn't use these feature and should use a passphrase (not a pin) instead.

  • Metronome

Google should stop making pixels. They are a complete failure. In an Android world dominated by one plus and Samsung pixel has no chance of winning if google doesn't make it compelling

  • Anonymous

Right.. And you can't use the fingerprint scanner on someone who is asleep?

  • ain

garbage design, garbage security, garbage pricing.

Not so awesome as with Samsung. You don't have to be even present when unlocking them. So futuristic...

Shadocx, 18 Oct 2019Dude, it's the 1st time Google try Face ID, every manufactu... moreThat's not right. Do you mean every company should start from the zero? A couple companies have used face unlock after apple. Google should've learnt sth from all those. Repeating the problems that others have encountered in past years shows that they've either rushed the phone or just don't care. If you want to copy At least copy it completely. Also why isn't there any under display fingerprint?

  • Anonymous

Remember when Google used to hire the best and brightest?

  • 123

no worry- you can use the fingerprint scanner
argh sorry it does not have on
neither reverse wireless charging
faster wireless charging in the world
1st in the world integrated into the cpu 5g chip
and a lot other stuff which does not have the pixel
guess which not american phone I talk about :)

  • 123

no worry, next year they will remove it, and double the price :) those americans :) (apple,google)
2021 - remove screen and triple the price

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2019They can still force your eyes open. Or Grab your uncoopera... moreCan't force eyes open without waking up the person.... Pixel Stan's are getting ridiculous these days. Please don't be like the fans of the company pixel blatantly copies.....