Canalys: Huawei dominates Chinese smartphone market in Q3 2019

30 October 2019
The company grew big time, directly stealing market share from its rivals.

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i can't see my samsung... where is my samsung!? no samsung in China? Also congrats to Huawei my other fav brand as of late. I'm exclusively Samsung and Huawei fan.

  • Anonymoous

Those loyal chinese consumers helping Huawei through tough times ;) luckily Huawei has them because if they anything like Huawei's CEO and his family they all be buying Iphones and Ipads :D

  • Droiddo

Apple was losing lots of customers, so they had to convince Trump to stop Huawei from getting more popular.
This way Apple could continue offering old technology and poor customer service at a premium price with its brainwashing technique.
Oh, don't they love the notch ! (which nobody wants/asked)

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2019Another lie from Huawei.It's not Huawei who's reporting this, why don't you go read the actual article before commenting something ffs.

  • Hhh

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2019I'd rather spend $1000 on Mate 30 Pro than $480 on Mi9 ... ... moreMe too

  • Pajson89

iphone is dead in china ,next year under 4% market share

  • Anonymous

Another lie from Huawei.

I'm glad to see these figures. It ensures that Huawei will continue to progress even if US gov keeps trying to sabotage the company.

Huawei is the most ambitious smartphone company right now, and they've been bringing some truly impressive & innovative products since a while now. I want them to continue to exist and bring more to the table.

HUAWEI is currently looking for
nothing but competition ...

Wow! Huawei is riding on the patriotic theme. Good for them.

  • Striker

Actually, we don't really care who's n1 in China, India, Mozambique, Mongolia, Iran or whatever country from the 3-rd World. The real picture is America, Europe, Japan, Australia, the rest is just numbers.

  • Anonymous

I'd rather spend $1000 on Mate 30 Pro than $480 on Mi9 ...
Except cpu, huawei has everything best.