Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is official with a 108 MP penta-camera

05 November 2019
The device has a massive battery, runs on Snapdragon 730G.

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  • 08 Nov 2019

really stupid decision to put the ultrawide camera on the bottom and closest to the place you hold the phone.

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    • 07 Nov 2019

    For everyone who's interested in this model, the news is that Xiaomi just launched the Mi Note 10 yesterday, which is the global version of CC9 Pro. With pretty much the same specs and features (except the 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM storage), it's $609 USD / 550 Euro. To be honest, I've always been a fan of Xiaomi. BUT, if you can't get over the price like me, there's a time limited deal on Gearbest that's like $499 USD now. Hope that helps.

      Anonymous, 06 Nov 2019Single core performance for Sd845 and SD 730g is same Sd84... moremy point, not a flagship killer

        007roh, 05 Nov 2019From what I gather from all over the internet is that peopl... moreFrom the samples I have seen, Realme X2 Pro and CC9 Pro are very similar. Sometimes one wins, sometimes the other. I might give slight edge to CC9 Pro at night photo.

        Zoom in on the samples and see for yourself.
        Mi CC9 Pro:

        Realme X2 Pro:

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          • 06 Nov 2019

          Xiaomi is fooling people with bigger battery and extra cameras.

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            • 06 Nov 2019

            DrakeX, 05 Nov 2019Why are people comparing this to Mi 9T and Realme X2? It's ... moreIf its not budget phone then why a budget chipset ?

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              • 06 Nov 2019

              SigmaR, 06 Nov 2019Nope... Last year SD845 is last year flagship not today's, ... moreSingle core performance for Sd845 and SD 730g is same
              Sd845 better in multi core and a bit better in GPU.

              Most users won't see much difference in day to day performance

                SigmaR, 06 Nov 2019it is not for the sake of just having it, but cause you can... moreLet's be real,

                The Snapdragon 845 was only used to full potential by the Nokia 9 pureview

                And people with the latest and most powerful generally just use it for social media..

                If we judge this phone by SOC alone it is surely overpriced but a phones isn't just an SOC

                This phone has an exclusive camera hardware and world class leading battery life

                I'd even argue this is cheaper than Snapdragon 855 phones as this phone is likely to last longer and not be changed for years as the note series is known for

                But people who bargain every year for a new flagship phone will surely pay more if they change phones every year

                  Flagship phone for 1/3 price of upcomming S11 yay :-)
                  This makes my day.

                    Miraj.Hossain, 05 Nov 2019no, same Specification, just name changeMi Note 10 same specs, Mi Note 10 Pro 855+

                      IpsDisplay, 05 Nov 2019Alright all these people want 855 just for having it sake ... moreit is not for the sake of just having it, but cause you can have the 855 paying less money or a similar SoC paying much less money. The point is with that SoC this phone is overpriced, period

                        LG Superfan, 05 Nov 2019This mid range can compete with last yead SD845 is more eff... moreNope... Last year SD845 is last year flagship not today's, and to be honest the 845 is still better than 730g. So no, it cannot compete with similar priced phones (or even cheaper) with much better chipset. Hence no flagship killer. Sorry

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                          • 06 Nov 2019

                          Will it finally beat my 41MP 1/1.12" sensor of Nokia 808?

                            gauron, 05 Nov 2019Sorry to break it to you, but most normal people buy phones... moreFrom what I gather from all over the internet is that people buy phones based on bang for their buck (which are usually around $300) and they are the majority rest are minority.

                            If most people bought phones for just looks and camera then I don't see any reason for SD 730, Kirin 810 and Mediatek G90T to exist on phones costing from $200-$280 which actually outperforms SD 845 in some cases which is last years flagship processor. SD 670 and SD 710 was plenty fast.

                            SOC, camera, display type, battery capacity even charging adapter output is being considered by people when researching for phones. If a $200 phone can have almost a flagship level chipset like Kirin 810 then it's natural for people to expect something more on a $400 phone including camera of course.

                            That's why I say, Realme X2 Pro is a better phone overall than CC9 Pro for the same price even the camera (may not be as good as CC9 Pro but still very darn good) of Realme X2 Pro is flagship level.

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                              • 05 Nov 2019

                              Dinamito, 05 Nov 2019Keep in mind they fitted a 1/1.3" sensor in there, along wi... moreHmm.. maybe it's not suitable for me. Maybe for some people just as u said. For my preference, the thickness of Mi 9T / K20 is maximum for me (8.8mm). I don't like fat phone because it doesn't feel premium for me and heavy. I don't complaint but as I said that maybe it's not as my preference. I prefer thinner camera and thinner body. Of course a little bit smaller battery (arround 4000 - 4300 mAh).

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                                • Fmx
                                • 05 Nov 2019

                                855 would up the price 80-100 eur! 730G is best option really. Can't have 5 cameras, 108mpx, 8P lens, 855, for 400 $ for the base cc9 pro as it is now :) That's that.

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                                  • 05 Nov 2019

                                  hope there would be an unboxing soon for Mi CC9 Pro and Mi Note 10.

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                                    • 05 Nov 2019

                                    Xiaomi should spend more money on Camera. Videography is so pathetic.

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                                      • 05 Nov 2019

                                      it is amazing. reviews will be blowned away. xiaomi is rocking again.

                                        Peter, 05 Nov 2019What is "8P" lens? What is the difference between "7P" in n... moreThat means that the lens has 7 or 8 elements in its design construction. Usually(but not always, and clear if this is the case here), having more optical elements means better image quality - additional elements take care of image defects such as chromatic aberations, ghosting, distortion and so on. Most phones have 5 or more commonly 6 elements, but I think it's more important if the elements themselves are well made and have a precise cut and fit.