Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is official with a 108 MP penta-camera

05 November 2019
The device has a massive battery, runs on Snapdragon 730G.

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360€ for these specs is a really good deal! Well done once more Xiaomi.
Surely original prices won't mantain/will be 15% more expensive for the rest of the world or something, but an excellent device nonetheless.

This phone is a Flagship Killer

  • Anonymous

Hwawei Apple Samsung flagships... All Gone !!! With its price, all of them are going to be dope

  • Anonymous

I want it

  • SSA

Kush, 05 Nov 2019Finally Xiaomi challenging Huawei in the camera departmentBut it's just not about physical hardware, Xiaomi needs to improve its processing software and DSP.

  • Cocomaille

Killer phone !!!!

  • Kush

Finally Xiaomi challenging Huawei in the camera department

Xioami Mi Note 10 Pro should be 855+

  • Mi pro

Shut up n take my money ...premium edition I want it

  • VT

Monster specs except SoC. Would have been a killer if it had 855/855+