Update enables 90Hz on the Pixel 4 at lower brightness levels but there's a catch

05 November 2019
The smaller Pixel is still capped at 42% brightness, though.

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I am dumbfounded by the Article Writer saying the pixel has 90hz above 42% brightness to save battery!?

I doubt this has anything remotely to do with Battery Saving as you chew more battery with higher brightness and with higher Refresh.

I think you will find that (like the Asus ROG 2) there is a tint issue below 42%, and Google don't want you to know about it. The Asus ROG 2 suffers from a distinct red tint below 40% brightness at 90hz, and is even worse at 120hz.

I think you might find this is the REAL reason for it not having 90hz below the 42% brightness threshold..

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PartTimePhoner, 05 Nov 2019Xiaomi: half the price half the features The reason why ... moreLOL. Google is not new at this game. They've been "making" phones since the Nexus One.
Put in perspective, Google main revenue is ads, not from selling a phone. The Pixel phone is just a side job for Google. They figured out they have rabid fanboys who will give them money no matter what, so they decided to make a shiny phone to extract money from those fanboys. Smart business actually.

Google really gimped the smaller Pixel this time around.

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google can't stand on their own, maybe collaboration
with another oem (samsung,lg etc) will lessen the
stupidness of this alphabet company. IMHO

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PartTimePhoner, 05 Nov 2019Xiaomi: half the price half the features The reason why ... moreLol Xiaomi is founded in 2010! And still hit many successful phone.. Tfw google can't produce one working phone..

Back when I complained about Pixels: You're just a fanboy, get bent.
Now Everyone: The Pixel phones suck.

People really should be looking past the marketing, and buying phones that are good quality.
Underrated brands to keep an eye on: Meizu, LG, ASUS, Lenovo.

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Akinaro, 05 Nov 2019Multi-billion company, thousands of workers and tester... T... more:D ah yes all thousands are working on the pixel phones :D

  • Mediateksux

NotAnOpinion, 05 Nov 2019Say Google, Jony Ivy is free. hint-hint!Pixel devices arent that bad looking this year, lookup what jony ives job actually is.

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PartTimePhoner, 05 Nov 2019Xiaomi: half the price half the features The reason why ... moreCompare a xiaomi and sasmung of the same price, you will onow what has 'half the features'.

  • JeffP3456

such a strange world we live in. My Note 10+ got the nov update a few days ago but I am still waiting for the Pixel 4 update which is a no show as of right now...damn!

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So no 4k 60fps
No proper 90Hz

So many compromises for that small battery and storage

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2019phones that cost nearly 1000 usd/euros that come full of bu... moreXiaomi: half the price half the features

The reason why google struggles with the phone is probably because of their "software phone good harfware phone bad" game that had them put 2800mAh battery in a phone that has 90Hz display but good software without good hardware is as bad as good harware with bad software. Do whatever you can, but an optimised 2800mAh barely comes near the half optimised 4000mAh.

Google is new to this game, its normal that they got problems

You can port oxygenOS on some Xiaomi phones.

Shui8, 05 Nov 2019'Pure Android'. One bug after another. Seriously, Oxygen... morePure Android controlled by Google is the worst implementation full of bugs and issues. All those other skins work flawlessly compared to any iteration of "Stock Android". It blows my mind how hard people harp on EMUI or MIUI yet these version have nowhere nearly as many bugs or glitches compared to Pixel's"vision". Stock fanboys are too delusional to realize though.

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phones that cost nearly 1000 usd/euros that come full of bugs
Xiaomi comes with half the price and minimal bugs found
Oneplus not a flagship killer anymore but still awesome support and yet cheaper than those flagships

Yet, oneplus is getting greedy investing millions in marketing
The only reason i dont switch to xiaomi, huawei, samsung is because of that horrible system UI
I only like OxygenOS

  • QQ

Kih3. I havent seen any pixel phone around me. Iphone 11/pro just 3 to 5pcs. The rest chinese phone. Flagship device price increase every year but our salary still the same. Then stupid people still want the flagship and make an installment. To be continue....

Whackcar, 05 Nov 2019This phone can't stop failing... https://www.youtube.com... moreThat was brutal to watch. :-D

Pixel = Garbage (?)

Google & hardware both do not fit into the same sentence. Period.

'Pure Android'. One bug after another.

Seriously, OxygenOS, OneUI & EMUI are more optimized & polished than the original Google itself. Hilarious.