Weekly poll: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 - is this the new camera king?

10 November 2019
The camera of this phone is one of a kind, but the "Mi Note" family used to be a flagship line - and this isn't quite it.

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  • Note9 User

There's the GSMA video review of the camera:
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5. Camera: hardware and software:

  • Note9 User

Clueless, 10 Nov 2019Xiaomi may be slightly mad – it built a phone in 2019 that ... moreRead, quote the whole sentence/ paragraph:
"Xiaomi may be slightly mad – it built a phone in 2019 that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and an IR blaster. Who does that anymore? Joking aside, we appreciate the effort.".

This is a must have phone great price great camera, great battery and a good enough specs.

  • This is madness

"Xiaomi may be slightly mad" - Yes, they are, but only because they're vastly overcharging for a midrange phone with midrange features. At 250€ max. this might still be a good phone, but anything beyond that is just absurd.

The mp count is just a marketing eyewash. Photos in good light conditions are good (not stellar, but good). Photos in low light are - not so good, and the complete lack of an actual night mode is inexcusable, especially now that even slowpoke Apple finally has one. Fudging up some nonsense which does pretty much nothing and calling it "night mode" is just plain impudent, do they really think people are idiots to fall for it?

Finally, having only a midrange sd 730 cpu for impudent 500€ is what totally breaks its neck. Did they forget about their own Mi 9T Pro, which has a sd 855 for just 350€? A clear case of "The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing". As I said, anything above 250€ for this one is just plain absurd.

  • Anonymous

tbh, its just another 12mp shooter. Yes it seems to take the best photos right now, but so does the Huawei Mate 30 Pro if you believe dxomark. The Huawei "only" uses 40mp lenses. What does that show? It's sad to see Xiaomi raise prices now they go international. 650$ is fine for a oneplus since they arent a big player like xiaomi (they even sell lightbulbs and plushies) and maybe some gaming phone with 120hz display and 855+ and 10+gb RAM, but Xiaomi never did shine with outstanding phones. They were solid though. Also telling us the note 10 does outshine the iphone and most huawei phones is wrong, it's the note 10 pro or cc9 pro premium that was tested by dxomark not the regular model! I wont pay 650€ for a 730g, 398 ppi, USB 2.0, notched display, 4k only 30fps. It's still a great phone, but you get much more for that money. Wait 6 months and you will see the next gen. 108mp cam in many different phones Im sure (also Samsung did say so).

Ideally you may want mate30pro processing performance, mate30pro like superwide sensor size, better 5x tele camera, faster processor/screen, light/thin body, 8K/4K120p or something new.
For now though this gives the most excitement.

  • nybreath

oxyo, 11 Nov 20195 cameras are too much and not necessary. I thought 3 camer... moreNecessary is really something subjective...anyway the price is already way lower than any other flagship. I personally was waiting for Xiaomi to put OIS on their phones, they are releasing good phones, if you don't expect apple quality level, considering the price, they are awesome choices.

  • Anonymous

Green one looks cool.

  • Anonymous

And screen is not SAMOLED, it's from Visionox.

  • pajson89

oxyo, 11 Nov 20195 cameras are too much and not necessary. I thought 3 camer... moreiphone 11pro max 1500euros for 3 cameras?

  • Anonymous

Just use one micro 3/4 sensor and interchangable lens. It will be epic.

5 cameras are too much and not necessary. I thought 3 cameras are enough and can make the phone more cheaper.

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 10 Nov 2019You OBVIOUSLY don't know what you are talking about. Get a life pe a look at pictures! Is still good but he has an age.

  • leo

for me this phone is a wonderful miss. The camera setup, along with beautiful screen, ol' 3.5mm jack love with high-res audio, 14bit raw pictures among others made it a great choice for me as well as the great forum support and developer-friendly features Xiaomi is well known for (bootloader unlocking, upfront kernel release, and and wide support for custom ROMs).

However, this mid-range processor sent it immediately to the bucket. Imagine processing all those 108mp pictures in your gallery, and APPS that demand more resources each time. This phone will deprecate and fade faster because of that.

  • Anonymous

I hope the mi 10 has the same camera but a flagship processor.

Clueless, 10 Nov 2019Xiaomi may be slightly mad – it built a phone in 2019 that ... moreYeah second this, gsmarena is creepy

  • Anonymous

AnonD-763241, 10 Nov 2019Untill s11 nothing is there to beat iphone 11 pro.(at least... moreNo 960fps recording is a fail.
Lack of auto focus on Ultrawide is a fail.
No ability to zoom in videos beyond 2x(which is useless)

Iwontbuythat, 11 Nov 2019I am not sure exactly how it's calculated, but you might be... moreDon't take these calculations as exact tho, because I am really not sure about the length and width of a sensor, or how the given sensor size translates to it.

I did manage to find on some sites that Mi Note 10 has about 70 square mm sensor size.


" The less obvious inch number corresponds to an area of about 70 square millimeters. That's about three times bigger than Sony's IMX 363, which Google is using in Pixel 4 (XL), for example."

  • AnonD-894375

Iwontbuythat, 11 Nov 2019I am not sure exactly how it's calculated, but you might be... more1/1.33" is 9.6 x 7.2mm 69mm2
1/2.55" is 6.17mm by 4.55mm 28mm2
Full frame 35mm is 864mm2

This is assuming both sensor are 4:3 aspectt, so the sensor is about 2.5x the size of the one in S10

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2019Actually is about 3x the size. The 1/2.55" has 24mm2. I... moreI am not sure exactly how it's calculated, but you might be right
1/2.55 inches is about 0.392156 inches. Which is 9.96 mm when converted.

I think 9.96 is the sum of length and width, but I am not sure. Assuming length and width are equal, it is about 4.98 length and 4.98 width.

4.98 mm x 4.98 mm = 24,8 square mm

Which kinda agrees with what you said about 1/2.55 inch sensor.

Now, Xiaomi's sensor is 1/1.33, which is 0.7518 inches, or 19 mm.
Again assuming length and width are equal, it is 9.5488 mm width and 9.5488 mm length.

9.5488 mm x 9.5488 mm = 91.18 square mm

I am not sure if this is correct, but if it is, then Mi Note 10 sensor is 3.68 times bigger than sensors in iphone, S10, Pixel...ect.