Flashback: the Nokia 808 PureView was from the future

17 November 2019
A higher resolution sensor with pixel binning for zooming and low-light shots six years before Androids started doing it.

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I'm glad I own a Nokia 808 Pureview, legendary phone.

  • ME

Great great great but the next year they have bankrupt.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019Nokia brought so many stuff to mobile community, unlike those ch... moreYoup, you can actully safetly talk about the: nokia pretty much invented everything this brands this days put out... and that was a long time agoa long time ago.

  • Anonymous

Not just camera, it also king of screen under sunlight chart in many years unbeatable.

  • Davefgranger

Pretty sure the Panasonic CM1 had a 1" sensor, making it the largest ever in a phone.

  • Anonymous

Nokia brought so many stuff to mobile community, unlike those cheap brands with sub-$500 flagships.

  • Anonymous

ZolaIII, 17 Nov 2019Yes as a fancy name as we know it today. Back in the days they c... moreQuadbayer is not fancy name for oversampling.
As I said, Sony created it.
That sensor was made by Toshiba.
If this tech was available back then, it would not be forgotten until 2018.

If that phone had quadbayer, photos would not be 5MP , but 10.

Read anywhere. You going to find that imx600 is the first QB sensor in the market.

Lumia 920 was introduced at the same year. First phone with OIS.

ZolaIII, 17 Nov 2019Yes thick (especially on camera place) and heavy but still bette... more...and that is the essence in Nokia's record fast demise. Not understanding the market. What good is "good hand comfort" if it's useless portability-wise?

  • Anonymous

I hate 'the tragedy of being ahead of time/doing something before it was cool', you get ignored by the cool ones, or made fun of. I recognised the 808's brilliance couldn't buy it at the time. In thanos voice-"i hope they remember you."
I really wish hmd becomes more then just a design house, and don't leave hardware r&d on Foxconn etc. (who just use their existing parts/machinery bin). Granted r&d is very expensive. Even a giant like Microsoft didn't have had a successful surface lineup, unless they learned somethings from acquired nokia's hardware & mobile division. Which they slowly dismantled and wrote(throw) off. These dismantled people cobbled up together to make hmd global, i think.

  • David Moore

I still have a Nokia 808 and an N9, each was good on its own way.
However after the Android move Nokia (HMD)has failed to produce the phone I expected (under powered), Nokia 9 was not enough so I made the move to Huawei P30.

The p30 is good at the one thing the 808 was bad at, night node.
The focusing is also better.
In daylight the 808 still does very well.

  • necropedo

EskeRahn, 17 Nov 2019Yup! (And that expanded to a thickness of about 23mm when the ... moreI would take ANYTIME a phone with 23 mm thickness if it could gimme 20-30hours of SoT, 16:9 ratio at 7 inch of display.

Today standands at phones are pretty terrible. Disgusting screen ratios, notches, no jacks, etc.

  • Ziad Mohamed

Amazing article, really goosebumps remembering all that tech stuff, 808 PV will always be a legend, It's the greatest ever till now

Nokia 808 Pureview proud owner!

  • ds

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019It is not Quad bayer. Quadbayer was created by Sony. Later co... moresamsung use sony sensor never copy like apple copy and blind customers praise crapple

When Nokia was still revolutionary with the cameras but nothing else. That's why they lost. Stuck with Symbian for too long and then the fatal mistake hiring Microsoft Trojan Horse, Stephen Elop, to choose Windows Phone over Android.

I want 1\1.2 sensors back again

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019It is not Quad bayer. Quadbayer was created by Sony. Later co... moreYes as a fancy name as we know it today. Back in the days they called it super sampling. Never the less it's a same thing & technique of binning pixels together. Read & take a look:

YUKI93, 17 Nov 2019What you did there was explaining the nature of computational ph... moreThe point is, that at the end of the day, the PureView & modern flagships perform on a similar field (albeit both have their individual strenghts & weeknesses over each other). As a user, we should only care about what we're getting in the end. A great image. Irregardless of whether it was achieved with excellent hardware, or advanced computational photography.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 808 and 1020 do downsample.
Exactly was later used by Sony with Z series from 20.7 to 8.

  • Anonymous

ZolaIII, 17 Nov 2019It uses quad Bayer technique the same as new ones. You obviously... moreIt is not Quad bayer.

Quadbayer was created by Sony. Later copied by Samsung ( Tetracell) and Omnivision (4-cell).
Nokia 808 uses sensor from Toshiba.
First Quadbayer sensor sold was imx600 used by P30 Pro.