Huawei Mate X goes on sale, stock depletes in minutes

15 November 2019
The CNY16,999 phone ($2,400/€2,200) will appear for a new flash sale in seven days.

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S Yu, 19 Nov 20191. It's plastic, your usual phones are metal and reinforced... moreasian are a thing

moon, 16 Nov 2019This is a real product of a real engineering. Huawei never ... moreSome pristine Huawei trolling.
When Samsung S6 had a camera hump Huawei mocked camera humps. Later they shut up and released devices with giant camera humps of their own.
When Samsung S6 had 2K screens Huawei mocked 2K screens. Later they shut up and released 2K screen devices of their own.
When S6 was slightly thicker than P8 Huawei mocked the thickness. Later they shut up about thickness and released much thicker devices of their own.
That's Huawei attacking S6, one model alone.
There are numerous other examples.

TechNerd, 18 Nov 20191. I'm 100% pretty sure people who are complaining about sc... more1. It's plastic, your usual phones are metal and reinforced glass.
2. Who on earth still uses a pouch for a phone?
3. Rich people generally don't like fussy devices.

"Depletes in minutes" - did they say how many devices was sold? I'm imagining like 10 phones...

  • TechNerd

1. I'm 100% pretty sure people who are complaining about scratches were not gonna buy it even if it was perfect
2.It has a pouch to put in
3. How careless are you that your phone has scratches, does you everyday phone have scratches?
4.The $2300 price tag means its a phone for people with a certain stature, people who can take care of it.

...and I'm still not sure about Huawei's folding solution. Unlike Samsung's Galaxy Fold, the Mate X fold outwards and that could prone to easy scratches since there isn't any protection unlike the Galaxy Fold which do have a secondary screen at the front.

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2019Nah, so the bending part of the screen still scratches.Go back to 2010 flip phones if that's what you care about

  • Anonymous

Baykko, 15 Nov 2019We need to wait for the review of this phone because there ... moreNah, so the bending part of the screen still scratches.

ProJames-CHM, 15 Nov 2019I disagree. External folding is just asking for trouble. On... moreA plastic phone will handle a drop far better a drop. But get scratched easily. That's simple physic.
So following your statement, no one use crytal glass because plastic gobelet are far more resilient? Nop, people can buy this device and be careful about it. A colleague never dropped his iPhone 5s that stayed pristine for 5 years without any protection except a socket when not using it. I could stay the same if I hadn't changed my phone for fun, when another friend couldn't keep her phone without exploding the glass after one week of use.
What I want to say is, some people can handle some product when other are incapable of because they don't really care enough. That goes for phone, cars, swatch etc. This phone is not for everyone, but who said it should?

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 15 Nov 2019Samsung, Xaomi, Huawei and others all do these all sold out... morethis flash sale intended to create curiosity among buyers creating hype which can lead to provoke impulse buying and attracting more potential buyers

  • moon

At the Samsung gallery in GSMArena, you will notice the picture they prefer in the spec sheet the the rear of the phone because the front is very shameful awkward poor arrangements.

  • moon

This is a real product of a real engineering. Huawei never criticize it competitor, they simply make their products speak. Kudos.....

  • Anonymous

Display looks awesome but fingernails can scratch?

  • Anonymous

The most shiny, with the worst usability.

We need to wait for the review of this phone because there is one thing we all seem to be missing here. Everyone is judging this phone as a potential failure due to the fragility of bending screens but who ever said that ALL of the freaking screen has to be flexible to bend? it is only the area in the center and over the hinge the one that needs to bend

It would make perfect sense if they used gorilla glass 6 on top of the exposed areas except for the hinge and have engineers come up with a resistant material to cover that area. Yes, if the phone falls on the bent area it most likely will die, but at least it wouldn't be like the phone will die if you put it in your pocket.

  • Sherry Kuwait

What about the wireless charging of X

  • Anonymous

Best looking foldable to this date, no wonder it sold out

  • Anonymous

Hildr, 15 Nov 2019External folding is not a faillure, that's the most logical... moreHuawei's taking the easy way out by exposing the screen on the outside and asking customers to baby their phones. That's not right.

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 15 Nov 2019Huawei Mate X, not interesting. Samsung Galaxy Fold, not in... moreWrong way you mean. It is tucked away and useless when folded. Huawei's way uses it in both modes.

Not that it is practical given where the tech currently is, but it is the only that makes sense towards the future. All other designs will simply die...

  • Aadrian

Huawei Mate X, not interesting. Samsung Galaxy Fold, not interesting. Motorola Razr 2019, super interesting, the right way to implement a folding screen.