Huawei Mate X goes on sale, stock depletes in minutes

15 November 2019
The CNY16,999 phone ($2,400/€2,200) will appear for a new flash sale in seven days.

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[deleted post]Samsung has made an exclusive deal with a brand called Dowoo, because they can already make glass a faction of the thinness Corning has managed.

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PepperPot, 15 Nov 2019Well Samsung is already moving on to greater things with a ... moreAnd Samsung copied off Flexpai Royale

Well Samsung is already moving on to greater things with a glass folding device. Huawei will have to go back to the copying errrrrr, I mean drawing board.

Hildr, 15 Nov 2019External folding is not a faillure, that's the most logical... moreI disagree. External folding is just asking for trouble. On a normal phone, you have about 50-50 chance that in the event of a drop, the frame or the back of the device takes the hit rather than the pricier to repair screen.

On an external foldable like the Mate X, this drops to 10-90 since there is less frame and no back of the device. For such an expensive gadget expected to be used for at the very absolute minimum least one year, that's no good. Who can be sure they won't ever drop the device without putting it inside that protection pouch thing? Nobody, that's who.

Now I'm not saying the Fold is better, but from a durability perspective, it is (if you make abstraction of the whole debacle about substances and all earlier this year that led to a redesin)

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Hildr, 15 Nov 2019External folding is not a faillure, that's the most logical... moreAsk lenovo / moto on how they did it then.... Kinda saves screen from scratches at level 3 and deeper grooves at level 4, doesn't it?

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The software needs to improve with stylus support on this. This is what the Fold should’ve been in my opinion. When it comes to tablets, nothing can come close to the iPad, now available with iPad OS which is more practical for large screens and the experience is unbeatable. Writing this on an iPad. Now that the foldable concept has been realised, I think the Mate X is by far the best design and implementation without any kind of notch. This is only the first generation product and further development will focus on ironing out the imperfections in it. I think it’s not possible to use screen protectors like glass on this product and making a case for it would be difficult. I like the idea because I use a phone and a tablet, I would certainly like to carry a foldable that also doubles as a phone and a tablet, like this one but ultimately its the user experience and practicality that will decide the fate of the foldables. One major aspect of it is application scaling, in both folded and unfolded mode and we all know being Android, it is just a mammoth of a task because there is no universality in the Android world.

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Tej, 15 Nov 2019Galaxy fold is better than thisI'm not a fan of either companies but you're high if you think that. The Fold was an amateur failure.

Well the Razr is definitely cheapest among those 3 but also the weakest in terms of specs.
But the folding technology used and the way the Razr looks like is the best among all 3.

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Galaxy fold is better than this

Stocks depleted without any figure of how many stocks were sold? LOL. These reports were designed to over-hype and nothing else, not necessarily pointing at GSMArena but to Huawei's marketing department.

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Tommy Chhangte, 15 Nov 2019You were the biggest 'whiner' about the Razr's price as far... moreWell Mate X is on sale on Gearbest for $3.600

right always, 15 Nov 2019this is not a practical phone that screen is prone to damag... moreDid you really thought that the people buying this product cares for practicality? LOL.

Kingslayer, 15 Nov 2019$2400 Huawei Mate X $1980 Samsung Galaxy Fold Yet, peo... moreYou were the biggest 'whiner' about the Razr's price as far as I'm concerned lmao

The last Oracle, 15 Nov 2019They probably just made 100 phones, because they are extrem... moreExternal folding is not a faillure, that's the most logical way technically speaking, since the radius of curvature can't be decreased without damaging the screen, thus the thickness of the Galaxy fold hinge.
Also, it's not a problem if you just change a little your habit and put your "phone" in a dedicated pocket. Well, in fact, a lot of people already do that with their phone. Huawei also provided a dedicated pocket (even if I would have go for a "socket" king of pocket for easier use). Considering the size of the device, even folded, that's not like you would put it into your jean pockets anyway, like almost every new high end phone. Just keep it in your handbag, into it's dedicated pocket.

this is not a practical phone that screen is prone to damage..! u cannot use a phone this way...! useless

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Without a stylus, these devices are pointless! The unfolded aspect ratio is not suitable for video, but would be ideal for sketching. I am amazed note even Samsung saw this and wasted time with the awful confused fold, rather than make an notch free Note X (as was the codename for the rumoured folding Note) and create a device that is useful.
Mate X has a better display being it's notchless, but it's still pointless. No kickstand, so cannot prop up to do spreadsheets on with a mouse and keyboard via Bluetooth.
There don't seem to be any visionary designers at any other company that Moto, who got it right with the superbly executed RAZR that is more of a folding to pocket size phone, than a phone that opens up to be bigger.

Note7 owner, 15 Nov 2019Samsung, Xaomi, Huawei and others all do these all sold out... moreOne billion+ Chinese is not a small number, can't blame them. They thought selling phones with a high price tag and impractical as hell like that would not gonna make the a whole lots of Chinese to spend some big chunks of yuan, and they're limited so sold out happens very regularly at that Communist-infested country.

Wow, looks amazing, a real foldable unlike others. Thumbs up huawei (yeah already watched others review too). Now is durability concern. Knowing huawei, therell beprice droop sooner too

They probably just made 100 phones, because they are extremely delicate and prone to damage. The screen outside is a monumental failure, especially if the screen material is not comparable with gorilla glass. If it folded on the inside, one would have to worry about where to keep the phone, and the pocket wouldn't do as much damage, either.

Why wouldn't, they used full size sensors for cameras, unlike other foldables available. No cheap junk in-thin-body cameras. For that alone its worth more. Also wait for dxo selfie score...