Samsung Galaxy S11+ renders reveal punch hole display and a huge camera bump

27 November 2019
It's rumored to go official on February 11.

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  • 27 Nov 2019

Kai Sosceles, 27 Nov 2019Do all these anti-bump people not use a case on their phone... moreactually it makes the phone very bulky since the case needs to be thick enough to cover the camera bump too

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    • Kai Sosceles
    • knR
    • 27 Nov 2019

    Do all these anti-bump people not use a case on their phones? Putting a case on a phone makes the bump negligible...

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      • n5X
      • 27 Nov 2019

      Eventually the whole back will become cameras thought that joke but
      This is step closer

        Let's just hope this render is wrong.

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          • 27 Nov 2019


          if it's 10.2mm with the camera bump, it's a 10.2mm phone. Make the whole thing 10.2mm thick and put a bigger battery in there instead of having a stupid bump that only helps the camera lenses get scratched.

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            • 27 Nov 2019

            AnonD-844232, 27 Nov 2019am tired of these new smartphonesThen why are u here

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              • 27 Nov 2019

              am tired of these new smartphones

                Why people argue about an unofficial render is beyond me. Why not wait for the real thing and then complain?

                  Anonymous, 27 Nov 2019Whatever Apple does nicely, others and Samsung/Xioamai/Huaw... moreFirst, Apple copied the square camera arrangement from Huawei Mate 20 series. And second, this is just a unofficial render.

                  People believe in anything nowadays.

                    do we have a tiny phone on the back?

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                      • nemo
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                      • 27 Nov 2019

                      i still love the shiny clean cut no bumpy parts anywhere of a smartphone.. all digital button no physical button at all.. that would be a waterproof, dustproof, eartproof of a smartphone..

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                        • m5g
                        • 27 Nov 2019

                        Whatever Apple does nicely, others and Samsung/Xioamai/Huaway especially will make sure to turn it into something ridiculous.

                        If it tries to replicate Apple but its not Apple, thats a fraud/lying product.

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                          • 27 Nov 2019

                          NickNameNick, 27 Nov 2019The asymmetric camera module looks so uncomfortable. And th... moreAccording to reliable tipster Ice universe, these renders are not fully accurate and the "real design is more beautiful than this". Just go throughthe article again bro

                            harwey, 27 Nov 2019That camera bump?Someone at Samsung said:We can make it eve... moreAlbeit the iPhone 11s has grown on me over time.

                              This is hidious!

                                Marvin, 27 Nov 2019You work for Apple too?1. I have no ideea what results you got running the test. anyhow, they depend on your perception and taste, not mine.
                                2. I always trust a blind test vs "I know better than you because I felt so in my urine..."
                                3. I do r&d in advanced technology but not smartphones and not with apple.


                                  The asymmetric camera module looks so uncomfortable. And the flashlight looks like a screw on it.

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                                    • 27 Nov 2019

                                    geek-a-contra, 27 Nov 2019there is a saying in my line of work: you can sell a piece ... moreYou work for Apple too?

                                      wired vs wireless?


                                      have fun! :)))

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                                        • 27 Nov 2019

                                        Anonymous, 27 Nov 2019Jack is gone my friend , deal with it....Jack & QuadDAC will sound 5 to 10 times more detailed, crispy and orgasm inducing than every single codec and tech that Wireless provides.