Weekly poll: Honor V30 and V30 Pro - winners or losers?

01 December 2019
The Honor V30 and V30 Pro can match most of what the Mate 30 Pro has to offer, but cost noticeably less.

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  • Anonymous

this phone google,wattsup,facebook support ?

Persia, 02 Dec 2019not good without Google services Not a problem for me, I have long left Android with Google Mobile Servies.

The fact that both V30 variants use the same chipset as the one in any Mate 30 phones. Heck, the V30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro's primary wide and telephoto camera are exactly the same as one another (minus for Laser AF as found in the Mate 30 Pro). The lack of microSD card slot could be a problem for me, but then again only Huawei's proprietary NM card could be used in the Mate 30 phones instead of the much more standardized universal ones.

If the Honor V30 Pro has the same great camera imaging as the Mate 30 Pro, it would be a real bargain. I just have to wait for GSMArena to do a proper review of the V30 Pro.

  • Akw

Persia, 02 Dec 2019not good without Google services Same . here from iran ... Without google play it's not good except in china people should go for other brands like Xiaomi ... It would be good if we know since when or whixh phones have not GP.

  • Persia

not good without Google services

  • Jarret

Samsung's Super Amoled screen always the best option

r33fd, 01 Dec 2019LCD Screen = NO THANKS! By now all mid-range and upper s... moreTotally agree!
Look at how the Galaxy A50 shined the competition despite having costly price tag.
Overall, OLEDs should be the new standard of upper mid-range phones next time.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2019What, why?LCDs often have better color accuracy, OLEDs tend to be oversaturated which might look good to some but doesn't make for a perfect viewing experience. Also no burn in

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2019It has an lcd. This thing alone make the phone a winner. I ... moreWhat, why?


By now all mid-range and upper smartphone should come with oled by default.
The difference is very big and the screen is the most important part of a phone, because it's the main way to interact with it.

Too big and without the headphone jack. There are phones like this already on the market.

For the price, it is certainly an attractive option. The Pro model should've come with an OLED display though. They could keep the LCD for the Non-Pro. That way they could cater to both type of users.

  • Anonymous

Never thought budget range get so competitive
Thanks, good company lol

JokerMNE, 01 Dec 2019I'm using Huawei phones last almost two years, P10, P20 and... moreFor me the width is a bigger issue than the height. 73mm is at the upper limits of what I find comfortable. For some reason 74mm is just too big of a stretch. I can carry one of these phones, but I prefer something a little smaller. IMO the Xiaomi Mi A3 is the perfect size. Unfortunately this phone is 720p.

I thought the Mate 30 Pro had a 40MP ultrawide. Maybe they meant telephoto upgrade.

  • AlienPredator

No headphone jack, no buy.

  • Anonymous

I'm still using my V10 very nice phone for $350

I'm using Huawei phones last almost two years, P10, P20 and now P30 and i like it. The only thing i dont like i sofware UI design, but now on EMUI 10 is way better and good loocking UI. What i want to tell abouth Honor V30 and every other modern phones on the market - TODAY PHONES ARE TOO BIG FOR HANDS! 162mm is way much bigger than my P30 149mm!

STOP to produce to big phones. Every phone bigger than 150 mm is not comfortable for using wich one hand. Even 150 is hard to reach some upper edges, etc...

  • Anonymous

It has an lcd. This thing alone make the phone a winner. I hope more brands start using lcd again

  • Anonymous

Punchhole screens are a gimmick as are notched screens