Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to cost no more than $1,000, adopt a clamshell design

03 December 2019
It could be introduced during next year's MWC in Barcelona.

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  • 04 Dec 2019

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2019Nothing special about itYeah, just like all the comments in here. Nothing special about any of these comments here. Just a bunch of whining.

    I think they should make a different lineup with Razr fold and stick with book fold for Fold series

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      • fxN
      • 04 Dec 2019

      Nothing special about it

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        • 04 Dec 2019

        its like they don't have any better style to render in their new phones. Poor Samsung, too much for the fanboys out here

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          • 04 Dec 2019

          I wish there was no compromise in specs like motoRAZR

            s-pen pusher, 04 Dec 2019as a commentator posted earlier- some of us don't need to f... moreYou are speaking like there is not a phone that fits your needs already. Basically any phone from the past would do. Why don't you get an Iphone 6?

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              • Kxu
              • 04 Dec 2019

              Clamshell is the way to go.

              Phone have reached its maximum comfortable size. 7 inch.

              No way to grow the phone unless clamshell. The rest of the methods is terrible.

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                • gonebad
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                • 04 Dec 2019

                sorry this is a bad move.
                i like the galaxy fold form factor and the way it folds, just have to make it thinner and more sleek.
                the razr clamshell fold is disgusting when folded lame form factor.

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                  • 04 Dec 2019

                  The article is misleading cause it insinuates that the price of the device will rise outside of Korea. It is speculated it will cost 1 million korean won, which is around USD 850....

                    Baykko, 03 Dec 2019In my opinion, a foldable screen's only purpose as of right... moreI am quite agree with your point. The Clamshell design is way frustrating when user want to take a photo they need to unfold the phone every time, they can't point to shot immediately like a compact camera.

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                      • 04 Dec 2019

                      as a commentator posted earlier- some of us don't need to full-fledged smartphone all the time. while the world has become addicted to smartphones- staring at their screens for hours on end, there are those of us who needs just the basic functions of a phone but still needs a smartphone is some special circumstances. this clamshell form factor is for us- we can have the small screen outside for calls and notifications or even reading and replying to SMSes/chat messages, but also has the bigger screen inside if needing to, say, navigate or have a quick look on SNS.

                      my everyday phone usage is just about 3 hours of music, no more than 5 minutes of calls per day, no more than 3 smses a day, and less than an hour of browsing through news or blogs. i have my data on all the time and when i am home or in the office i am connected to wifi. there are a few group/individual chats i am active with and i subscribe to notifications on news and blogs- if i see something on the notification that needs my attention then that's the only time i really open my current smartphone. in some days i need to avoid traffic so i use waze for navigation, but this is not everyday. if ever i have spare time at home, i pull up my phone for a quick game or update to social media. i rarely post on social media and when i do i use an ipad for it (yes, i hate apple but i love ipads). i read gsma and another tech site on my spare time at work on my computer.

                      bottomline, there is a market for such clamshells.

                        Is there room for a headphone jack and a decent amount of storage yet?

                          They're just adding hype to the consumers, while the practicability of products nowadays are becoming scarce.

                          Just make a goddamn compact phone for my hands!

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                            • 04 Dec 2019

                            Waiting for Royole Flexpai's news. Because it's the Fold's competitor.

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                              • 04 Dec 2019

                              Note7 owner, 03 Dec 2019It seems like people enjoy paying thousands of dollars to b... moreYou don't understand the concept of business, do you?

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                                • 04 Dec 2019

                                nonsense, note and s series already above usd 1000

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                                  • 03 Dec 2019

                                  What a loser gimmick

                                    Will it have S Pen integration? If not, then it's certainly not for me.

                                      Way I see it, if this Fold 2 sells well enough then Motorola has no choice but to lower the price of their Razr. I need to see what this Fold 2 looks like first. If Razr is only $600 by early 2021, I'll be walking around with one like it's 2006 again for me.

                                      Transport back to a decade and a half ago when the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii would be released later that year in November. Pre-iPhone. It's not all about nostalgia for me. I just want to carry around a small phone again.

                                        Great news! Now let's hope Motorola comes to their senses and drops the new Razr's price to $400 where it's supposed to be! I can live with $600 which is the initial price of the original RAZR. But $1500? FOH!

                                        The flip phone era has returned!