Samsung Galaxy S11+ to sport a 5,000 mAh battery

06 December 2019
The S11 line is shaping up to offer some serious improvements over their predecessors.

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This is good. Large batteries should be commonplace on all modern phones.

Hopefully the high refresh-rate display won't offset the benefit of the extra mAhs.

  • I'mPhone

I hope the newest Exynos processors don't heat up under load (throttling). Otherwise there's little use of the 5k MAh battery

Woaa, if this is true then i might keep my money and try for a samsung s11e,well the cheapest of them. It will probably still have around 4000mAh battery .
Awesome phone.
Or maybe i will wait to see the midrange a50 hmm

johnpp, 06 Dec 2019probably same charging speed as the last gen 15WIt's 25W bundled but support up to 45W

It's possible that current generation 5g use more power than 4g phone hence why bigger battery

johnpp, 06 Dec 2019probably same charging speed as the last gen 15WIt's not about gen.. Samsung gives good reliability of battery lasting.. Spread your knowledge.. The 10 note series had 45W fast charging.. so that's damn good.. And I hope they would use the same rating..

  • dazed1

johnpp, 06 Dec 2019probably same charging speed as the last gen 15WProbably you have no clue since Note 10 already has 25W, that charges almost the same as other 40W chargers, time to get educated.

Well, let's hope it doesn't explode :)

  • Anonymous

If it's true, then Samsung lied to us about why Note10+ has no more than 4300 mAh...
If S11+ is going to be 6.9 inches, so it's only 0.1 inch bigger than Note10+ so they could have already fitted at least 4500 mAh in Note10+
BTW, it's going to take a lifetime to fully charge if its going to support only 25w fast charging.

probably same charging speed as the last gen 15W

2019: camera war
2020: battery war

  • Anonymous

And that is the price for remove the headphone jack? Other phones like the Zenfone 6, Mi Note 10, etc., have the jack with a 5000 mAh battery... If you remove that huge ugly hump with a buch of cameras this phones offers nothing more than other featureless phones.

I wonder how big the Note's battery later

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Hole *bleep* finally! OwO

  • Zafeer

This is not the 1st time that Samsung install a battery of this Size!!
M20 . M30 , M30S & before these 3 phones The A9 Pro

May be it is the 1st time a Samsung Flag ship has this Battery

  • Anonymous

Good, but the most stupid things would be only US and China got to use SD 865 while the rest of the world stuck with Exynos. :/

I wonder when Samsung will start using graphene tech for the battery.