Flashback: Nokia N9 was ahead of everyone but went nowhere

08 December 2019
Nokia's Linux efforts faced internal and external pressure, but they did deliver this jewel - only for it to be quickly discontinued in favor of WP7.

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  • 29 May 2022

Ana, 23 Jun 2020whAt about the loudspeakers ? are they good for mp3 ?They are weak compared to todays phones but the bluetooth and 3.5mm jack output is good and sufficiently loud

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    • markiz
    • 3qT
    • 31 Oct 2021

    Dude, I still miss these designs. Sadly it does not look lilely they will be repeated in any form ever again.

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      • Junaid Ahmed
      • Aba
      • 25 Jan 2021

      Why you had to bring N9 up again! Every time I think about this device I feel deep pain. I'd hit anyone who was responsible for depriving the world of this wonder and pushed us Asians and Europeans to US spyware Android.

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        • MrFortis
        • DIn
        • 04 Jan 2021

        For me it was the last ever phone, that had captured my attention. Maybe it is not the best ever, but for me it is definitely a contender for one to be crowned as the best ever.
        Amazing and very innovative yet mr. Ellop never gave it a chance, despite the fact that this phone has been selling quite outstandingly. So sad :(

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          • JT66
          • nhn
          • 25 Nov 2020

          Great article. Bought this cheap in mint condition last year. A brilliant design and very elegant UI. A lonely beautiful "swan" in the history of phones. A nostalgic trip for an old Nokia fan as well. No social media apps working, only calls and sms/mms. Wich is absolutely perfect for quiet and peaceful walks or moments were you don't want to be so immensely disturbed by the digital stress. And you can even take decent pictures with it. What more to ask for as a second phone!

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            • NoOne
            • npB
            • 23 Nov 2020

            BSHall, 11 Dec 2019Jolla lived on after the decision at Nokia to move to Windo... moreJolla will never be in the market by means of massive sales. not until it will be backed with a large hardware manufacturer along with a leading marketing team.

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              • NoOne
              • npB
              • 23 Nov 2020

              I am glad, I still own one. It has been long lasting on my drawer and sometimes a toy on my boy's hands. But I remember how premium it was felt on my hands back in its date. I really hope a company brings Meego back with all capabilities that a smart phone today has as well as its original shape with minimum bezels.

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                • rgP
                • 21 Jul 2020

                simple user, 26 Dec 2019BY FAR the BEST UI I've ever used on a mobile Phone. Apps m... moreYep, I 100% agree. Even now in 2020, I am still saying that the best phone design + UI design that I ever owned was my N9 period!

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                  • Ana
                  • E1U
                  • 23 Jun 2020

                  Anonymous, 09 Dec 2019One of THE best phones I ever had, I loved everything about... morewhAt about the loudspeakers ? are they good for mp3 ?

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                    • 6uP
                    • 23 Jan 2020

                    Anonymous, 09 Dec 2019Believe it or not, I've been using my N9 up until half-a-ye... more"there was a prototype N9 with a hardware keyboard (Nokia E7 style)." - Nokia N950 was the one.
                    I know someone who had not one but two of them!

                    And yes, it was as beauty and absolutely a killer device - but never ever let see the light by the genius leader... :(

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                      • simple user
                      • MIu
                      • 26 Dec 2019

                      BY FAR the BEST UI I've ever used on a mobile Phone. Apps might have been snappy, but my N9 eat up the battery power like dragon.

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                        • Rahul
                        • U@I
                        • 15 Dec 2019

                        Hi good, nice super

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 7th
                          • 15 Dec 2019

                          MeeGo had everything except good timing. It was too late. Nokia knew it and thought going all-in WP was the better bet. Launch MeeGo even 1 year before the N9 and it had a shot at being the 3rd OS. Reality is, Nokia was a hardware manufacturer up against Software giants. Never had a chance. N9 was amazing. Its really a big shame.

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                            • BSHall
                            • Icx
                            • 11 Dec 2019

                            Jolla lived on after the decision at Nokia to move to Windows Mobile. Jolla and Sailfish are still available today and is the evolution of Meego.

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                              • 99A
                              • 10 Dec 2019

                              Nokia was relying on Symbian and Windows Mobile OS instead to move to Android. Thats why they went down. When they reborn, they jumped on Android straight away.

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                                • 8Sk
                                • 10 Dec 2019

                                Anonymous, 09 Dec 2019Believe it or not, I've been using my N9 up until half-a-ye... moreCouldn't agree more.

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                                  • ptx
                                  • 10 Dec 2019

                                  usman, 09 Dec 2019I have Nokia n8. Can I upgrate it? This phone is much strong....they seem to have skipped android 2,4 5 6 7 8 9 10 but perhaps it gets android 11

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                                    • 3SL
                                    • 09 Dec 2019

                                    Believe it or not, I've been using my N9 up until half-a-year ago. For the 6+ years of use, I've had to replace the screen once (because I'm an idiot and dropped it), but please note this - I replaced it myself in 20-30 minutes and I'm not even in the mobile phone repair business!! (Not to mention the whole screen assembly was less than 100 €...) Some time ago I've bought a spare battery, just in case. Well, I never had to swap it - the original one would still last about two days of normal use. I have to say it really hurt saying goodbye to MeeGo and switching to stinkin' Android, but I needed a dual-SIM and something that could actually process the monstrous web pages of today. Closing words: In case you don't know, there was a prototype N9 with a hardware keyboard (Nokia E7 style). I guess I'm one of the lucky people who've had the chance to hold it in their hands - that was a truly incredible device!!!

                                      najdier, 09 Dec 2019I have no desire to sell it. Maybe one day I'll auction off... moreHa ha. I'm waiting for that day.

                                        I really wish Sailfish OS would take off and become a true android alternative. I tested it on Xperia XA2, it's good but not there yet unfortunately