OnePlus 8 Lite renders reveal punch hole display and rectangular camera bump

07 December 2019
This will be the first mid-ranger from OnePlus since the OnePlus X that came in October 2015.

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  • Vicky

Can we take macro shot in OP8 pro..?

We are big fans of oneplus, and we are proudly happy after we are know oneplus coming with mid-budget killer verrient with amazing specifications with amazing price for mid-budget costomer so we are need 3.5mm audio headphone jack, because we are mid-range costomer, we are not affordable costomer for airbuds or converter, it’s big problem or hassle for for mid-ranger costomer, please don't separate 3.5mm audio headphone jack from oneplus 8 lite verrient, we are hope oneplus aren’t make there costomer hopeless.

  • Chetan

Subramanian CN, 14 Dec 2019If OnePlus launches this as THE real budget device, it'll t... morePerfect

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019so oneplus finally realized not many want buy their phones ... morerather than finally realizing it, i think it was their plan from the very start

If OnePlus launches this as THE real budget device, it'll truly be a game changer. To my belief a real budget device should fall in the price range Rs.13000 - Rs. 15000 for a 6GB/64GB variant with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Jack

NervAP, 09 Dec 2019Lol, the comment section is literally a circle jerk of peop... moreIn 2019 you talking like 1857......too much frustration with OnePlus :-)

  • Anonymous

3.5 Jack? Sd? Radio?? Thanks OnePlus , I buying xiaomi.

  • August Heart

OnePlus X wasn't really a midrange. It used the 801 flagship chipset, just its capabilities were cut back a bit.

That's kinda like saying the Nokia 9 PureView using the Snapdragon 845 chipset at a time where the 855 is already out is midrange, because the chipset's a bit obselete. Yet, old 800 series still outperform the 600 series, so lol.

  • Anonymous

right always, 07 Dec 2019why everyone is going punch hole..! they want to see you naked using your
phone's front cam. xD

Lol, the comment section is literally a circle jerk of people not knowing a damn thing about phones. To answer most of the dumbest questions here:
1.) No Headphone Jack and Micro SD? Why OnePlus.
Partially agreed with Headphone jack that should be brought back (better Bluetooth connectivity is coming), but there is no reason to have a micro SD on a phone that is most likely to have UFS 3.0 (faster storage). They did this with the OnePlus 7t and micro SD only goes for UFS 2.0 which will make the phones 3.0 storage useless. And OnePlus did say that they will go with bigger storage this time, plus the fact that they are on USB type-c means that storage transfer won't be that hard.
2.) Why hole punch, they're just copying all other phone screen design!!
They BUY THEIR SCREEN FROM SAMSUNG, when will people understand that amoled and oled is made by samsung who makes about 90% of the phone screens. Even apple buys their screens at samsung (and yes Huwawei too). So stop saying, Oh all smartphone screens the same fugly. Whatever design samsung decides to go with all phones will most likely go with that since it's the latest. And going with a motorized pop-up camera only compromises the waterproof and dust resistance of the phone which likely why OnePlus 7 pro and 7t pro never got their IP rating.
3.) Software updates is unnecessary and overrated.
Dumbest thing I ever heard, toilet award to whoever thinks like this. OnePlus have been pretty great with their software, Oxygen OS may not be necessarily as nice as Samsungs One UI but it's the second greatest and cleanest design out their. Imagine going with RealMe COLOR OS that looks like it's a kids phone, seriously RealMe fix your OS design not that hard. The fact that Updates are fast means you get features faster, and fast is better it is what you're paying for. People keep saying, oh android 4.0 is still great. Android 4.0 is old, you're missing out on gestures, smoother animations, security updates (essential), better camera imaging software and the fact that most apps are now version locked. While you may only play mainstream games that support older versions, a lot of really good indie games started requiring higher OS versions to be playable due to software. You are literally missing out the reason why you buy the phone, to experience technology.
5.) 5g overrated
Doesn't matter. Newer phones including OnePlus 8 will come out with the Snapdragon 865
chip. It has 5g integrated in it, so most likely OnePlus won't come out with an exclusive and more expensive 5g version of the phone.
The point is, research and get the facts before posting. This is the main reason GSMarena exists, it is their to inform and explain every detail about a phone. You are missing the point of just commenting without the full facts when you are LITERALLY on a website that displays and explains everything. Learn the terms and research more, utilize this website and you'll find out that your opinions on phones might change just by KNOWING a bit more.

Dometalican, 07 Dec 20195G isn't worth only $30 more dude. It would be well over $1... moreNo, this will likely have the SD865 chip that already comes with 5g so we probably won't see a more expensive 5g exclusive version.

Opcode, 07 Dec 2019Hole punch is the best route for front facing cameras until... moreAgree. I hate it how people complain that all phone's are going with hole-punch designs when they are literally the best option for front facing cameras. Bezels are ugly, old looking designs. Notches are old and ugly and only apple idiocy would do this, motorized pop up cameras compromises the phones IP rating (which is likely why OnePlus never got their IP rating for the 7 pro). The hole punch design is the smallest a camera can get and if you people don't like it, then don't buy it. Buy an apple with a notch or an old phone. Or best yet, wait till samsung can come out with an under the display cameras.

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019Is One Plus.... forget the SD card and 3.5mm. For that bett... moreWhile I agree that OnePlus should return the headphone jack in their lite phones, there is virtually no reason to bring back micro SD since they'll likely go with UFS 3.0 (faster storage). There is not point in bringing back SD that can only transfer through UFS 2.0. Besides (allegedly) their next phones will carry more storage and since they are already one USB type-C, transferring data is much easier and faster.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Domestoboto, 08 Dec 2019Great. They're releasing a rebadged REALME phone. Oh, ho... moreRealme never makes ugly devices like this, such scandalous accusations! O3O

Great. They're releasing a rebadged REALME phone.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2019Realme X2 pro, Redmi K20 pro, Zenfone 6z are much better th... moreAbsolutely agree. Phones plenty of features, flaship SoCs and enough good cameras for a reasonable price. While Never Settle with price is what it is now... another alleged featureless premium phone. Overpriced, of course. But let them release it to confirm what we already know.

OnePlus should center the punch hole camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019Oxygen OS. 3 years of Android versions update? If this will... moreRealme X2 pro, Redmi K20 pro, Zenfone 6z are much better than some lite downgraded version. OnePlus no longer offers bang for buck products.

  • Anonymous

Jaycool, 07 Dec 2019Punch hole looks way worse than notch... Bcoz it affects t... moreAgreed teardrop notch is pretty non intrusive

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2019Because its the best solution. Its smaller than the Appl... morePop up mechanism is pretty reliable.
Waterproofing is an issue with pop up mechanism.
So punch holes are taking over.

I won't mind a little bezel on the top, nothing too thick. It gives the option to add a bunch of cameras and sensors plus front firing speakers. Also good when gaming.