AnTuTu announces the best performing Android phones for November

09 December 2019
Both the flagship and mid-range charts are overrun by Snapdragon-based devices - all but two phones have a Qualcomm chip at their heart.

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s4f786, 09 Dec 2019K20 pro and realme x2 pro reposing the budget flagships and miss... moreI don't see the K20 Pro, and Realme X2 Pro is still below ROG Phone 2 and OnePlus 7T series.

I wonder why people shit on MediaTek so much. Since MediaTek chips are built on TSMC's architecture as SnappDragons shouldn't an app run exactly the same on a Helio phone as they do on SD ones (as long as they are equally powerful that is)

I ask because everyone always acts like they suck... until the Dimensity 1000.

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s4f786, 09 Dec 2019K20 pro and realme x2 pro reposing the budget flagships and miss... moreNo huawei devices.. aint surprised the only reason they used to be at the top in the past was because they released their CPU's later in the year. Now when Samsung and Qualcomm release their upgraded versions at the end of the year too there are no Kirin devices in the top 10 :D

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Would be nice if the performance would be based on the price and not based on the chipset.
Like Samsung A80 cant be considered as a mid-range phone if it's price is higher then K20 Pro. Even tough it has mid-range chip as SD730 it's price is close to 400 euro.

But probably there was a need to have samsung in the list of performance just to get marketing value out of it or something. Like a lot in the flagship performance list where are phones with lower cost then A80 have and are set as flagship. Based on price there would be a lot of the flagship list that should be in mid-range list.

Especially when all think that flagships are over 600-700 euro and not only based that they have latest and greatest snapdragon top of the line in them when cutting cost on other features

K20 pro and realme x2 pro reposing the budget flagships and missing it up with the big boys

Haha 4 oneplus phones topped the list and the Redmi K20 for like 300 bucks topped the 1500 euros samsung phone haha.
Kind of funny.
But well what to exopect from moneyhungry company like Samsung.
Nothing just more and more greed for money and giving less and less to the customers.
They going to use even mediatek chips for low end phones.
As i knw the samsung even the midrangers such as A40 will get mediatek.
Just to save on making cost of the device but it will be sold for same super expensive samsung price.

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I'm proud of ASUS, they can make phones

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So my OP 5T is a midranger now..