Oppo's under-screen camera hands-on

10 December 2019
And the under-display selfie camera is just one of the features.

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Yay for finally see a working prototype of the tech, nay for the portless design. All those improvements to wired connectivity (from USB type-B to microUSB to type-C/Thunderbolt) are wasted. Maybe 5G is quick enough for data transfer, but still relies on signal coverage. Hope that portless design is just for the prototype and won't make it to the released product.

  • Anonymous

This tech can only work with transparent oled.
People that want micro LED , know that cant have this feature.

Oppo... An amazing brand. Beautiful phones... The Chinese really make the best phones. So impressed with this technology.

Chinese are making better phones than apple these days. To be honest the iPhone 11's are really quite behind. And even more so now with the 865 and its huge capacity and capabilites.

But the Chinese are simply going from strength to strength. And also more powerful. And way more innovative and much more beautiful.

Never would I thought that I would ever say that?

I remember just 3 years ago China was behind with smartphones. Still okayish sort of phones. But now... Wow? They are really making iPhones seem prehistoric.

I just cannot believe so many Americans are still buying iPhones? Especially when you can get better? Much better.

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Apple, you got 8 months. Please grab Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei's technology for the iPhone 12. Grab Transparent OLEDs from LG and Samsung and do some algorithms along with it.

I don't like the Gen 1 of this because they cripple the resolution on where the camera is just to make it pass through the pixels easier. Seeing these OLEDs from Linus and JerryRigEverything makes me think that it's possible without crippling it.