Best Phones 2019: vote in the preliminary round

15 December 2019
We’ve selected a multitude of devices in three categories and we want you to select the best of them.

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GSMarena you must have put Mi 9T and Realme X2 in the midrange category.

  • Anonymous

Bill Jobs, 15 Dec 2019It's not a great idea tho as the new surface X has two usb type ... moreROG 2 has Headphone Jack plus dual USB type C PORTS.
No excuses for other manufacturers for skipping useful features.

rolandudv, 15 Dec 2019This year, I'll have to give it to Apple for making the best ove... moreYou are completely lost

Well i voted for Huawei flagships because they arent as expensive as Iphone or Samsung and are a lot better in camera battery charging capabilities and many else for a less price.
And also xiaomi flagships because for 1/3 of the price of Apple or Samsung anyone can get a lot better device.

Its many years since now when price is all that matters.
Brand name is nothing.
Paying 50% for the phone and 50% for the brand is nothing new but brands like, Oppo, Reno, Xiaomi, Meizu etc winning in any phone category just because for less koney the user gets a lot more phone.
Some brands are fueled by greed and some are fueled by number of sales and happy customers which had money to spare on other important things like house bills, hollidays, vacation etc. .

  • Anonymous

rolandudv, 15 Dec 2019This year, I'll have to give it to Apple for making the best ove... moreApple doesn't even have fingerprint scanner.
Are you sure enthusiast like you can accept lack of split screen multitasking, lack of expandable storage, lack of super slow motion recording,lack of connectivity via different peripherals, reloading of apps because of less RAM, half baked OS full of bugs that Apple is fixing after releasing a beta version as stable?

  • Tech Expert

rolandudv, 15 Dec 2019This year, I'll have to give it to Apple for making the best ove... moreEach has his own opinion but choosing iPhone 11 series over galaxy note 10 series is just funny..

  • Anonymous

How can Redmi note 8 and note 8 pro both be in midrange?
Mid range means 250-400 dollars since there are budget flagships starting at above the 400$ mark.

No mate 30 pro, Asus Zenfone 6 and ROG 2 in flagships?
But foldable devices included?

This year, I'll have to give it to Apple for making the best overall flagship. Samsung was great, but the slow and unreliable fingerprint sensor IMO is enough to make me discourage people from picking it up - your experience may vary though and I'd go as far to say that it's fast enough for most people, but not enthusiasts like myself.

Most innovative (in-order):
-Galaxy Fold
-Motorola RAZR
-Huawei Mate X

High-end (in-order)
-iPhone 11 Pro/Max
-OnePlus 7T/Pro

Mid-ranger (in-order)
-Pixel 3a/XL (why is this missing from the list?)

This is all IMO

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Sanka619, 15 Dec 2019Where is MI 9T? It is the best midranger of 2019 with no compro... moreNumbers six on flagship.

Where is MI 9T? It is the best midranger of 2019 with no compromises as a midranger.

  • Anonymous

Voted 9T Pro. Seems to be great value.

  • cbr

Where it the Pixel 3a (XL)?

I was a bit surprised to not see the Pixel 3a in the mid range category. That was one of my favorite phones all year.

Mate 30 Pro???

My picks-
S10+: Less compromises than the N10 despite the fact that I prefer the N10's design.
iPhone 11 Pro Max: Disregarding the absurd pricing and awful notch, it's actually a good phone and a great iPhone.
Pixel 4 XL: That phone is so bad, it deserves to be crushed in a real vote.

A50: Widely available, very popular, decent specs and now with monthly updates. Underwhelming camera but that's to be expected.
Moto One Action: For the price it's selling in my country, it's alright.

I don't have other midrange and low end pics because none of them really stood out. They basically have the same specs, just pick a brand, warranty and software UI.

  • jay360

ROG Phone 2 ?,....

  • Anonymous

Can't vote until I see one big real life photo.

  • Ustad

Include Asus ROG phone 2 in flagship segment.

  • Anonymous

U should have also put MI9T/K20 în the mid range category. Would have been fun to see how it competes against the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Why is the Razr on the list when it won't be released until next month?

I would pick that though. I can't stand the rest of them.